September 20, 2010

Call me crazy but I'm so looking forward to next summer already

Its been more than a month since the kids have gone back to school. There has been more changes in our household. More than I can chew... I think. Gilly moved to an intermediate school and being in 5th Grade, she has not found it fun. First few weeks of school, she told me she hated 5th grade as there is so much homework. I think she is OK with the homework but not the datelines and consequences of it. Last week, I had to sign on a form that says she forgot her assignment. That was an automatic 20% deduction, and that's a C grade. After signing on that form, I had to make sure she puts it into her folder and watch her put the folder into her bag. Reason for paranoia and close monitoring... if she forgets to hand in the same assignment the 2nd day, it would be an automatic Zero or F grade. I wasn't risking that. She is always good at handing in her homework and I never had to watch her like a hawk.
There are so much extra curiculum at the new school and I suggested to her to try string program. She said NO and reason was boring. Next, how about trying the band? No, band teacher is mean. I sighed and told her.. "I can't stand the mean label you keep giving to teachers." I asked her "When I have 5 kids in the house, am I not strict? The band teacher has to deal with a band full of 100 kids, don't you think he needs to be strict?" I've learn that when kids says teacher is mean, they actually mean the teacher is strict. I finally got her to agree to try the instruments in the band. Even then, I had to physically push her towards a kid that was demonstrating a particular instrument. She finally tried the flute and loved it. All of a sudden (roll eye moment for me) she loves the flute so much that it was all her idea to try the band and flute. Remember the Nancy Drew moment I had with her... exactly the same scenario.... Gosh, I can't imagine how she is going to be when she is officially a teenager.
Greg has now joined boy scouts and is loving it. We are officially chinese rednecks this year.. we tried the rodeo and demolition derby. Back to Greg, he has started tap as well, at 2 weddings and our trip to the west, I notice how he is a wild John Travolta and asked if he wanted tap lessons. He jumped at my offer and is now enjoying his tap classes. Yes he only does tap, no ballet... so guys out there laughing at my boy.. he is braver than any 6 foot man. He is my easy child for now, he does his homework with less guidance, sometimes I feel like he is the older child as he doesn't need me to be watching him all the time... but kids change so we never know what will hit us in future.
Update: My daughter has since forgotten to bring her homework or textbooks home twice and after me going berserk on her, she is trying her best and isn't letting one particular girl distract her during packing minutes. She told me last night that she told the girl to not talk to her until her bags are packed. Apparently the girl left her alone.
I know I've got my handsful this school year, plus now having to deal with a pre-teen who is spending alot of time grooming herself before school. Its turning out to be a challenging year. I need to learn to letgo abit and let my pre-teen learn to walk on her own and yet at the same time guide her to making good decisions. I need to learn that she is becoming a lady of her own and she isn't my 2 year old for whom I decide everything. I do not what her to shut me off because she needs to know Mummy is one TO GO person when she is in trouble. I'm in for a rollercoaster year.... so summer please come quick!!!
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