December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

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December 22, 2007

Watch This!!!

I was laughing so much when my gf called and told me to check my email. This cute thing by jibjab is so funny. Only thing that makes it funny is when the people in it is someone you know. My kids were laughing so much when we showed this to them. My friend had added my kids' and her kids' photos into this video. It was so weird to see a 9 month baby doing the jiggle.

Note: You may have to click on the "Play" button twice. The first 3 kids in that is passing the ball are my gf's kids and then the later two (one tat is hanging on strings is Greg and the girl jumping is Gillian)

First one is Christmas Tree. Enjoy

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This is the Office Party:

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Disco Party:

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December 8, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

I woke up at 6am because my Gilly came and jumped on me. We tried waking up Greg and he too didn't give me any trouble. My kids were Angels this morning because we were having Breakfast with Santa at Nordstrom. We were on time as traffic was smooth... oh well there wasn't any traffic this early on a Saturday.. wow.... something I'm not used to when it comes to Chicago traffic.

Gilly and Greg insisted on getting their balloons even before we got to our tables. Greg asked for an airplane and Gilly got her snowflakes. After we got to our tables, the kids decided they wanted their face painted. Gilly had a cute reindeer on her cheek and Greg suddenly changed his mind. And we say girls are fickle???

We had a long table as we had a big party. Our party consisted of 7 adults and 12 kids and we sure had a nice time. The kids enjoyed their breakfast and were good to finish all their food. Halfway through the meal, Santa walked in the cafe and Greg ran to greet him with a big hug.
After our meal, the kids got to take photos with Santa and they each got a Santa mug with candies filled.

*Spoiler for kids*
This is our 2nd time having Breakfast with Santa. This Santa has "visited" Nordstrom annually and I am spoilt by him. I've never seen such a "REAL" Santa as this Santa. He has this Rosey looking face with his natural white hair and beard. Having seen him, I don't get excited when I see other Santas... He has this Magical aura that makes me think he is real.

A man walked by in the shopping area and he told me "There is one Santa downstairs that looks real, you should go down and look for him". I grinned and told him "I know who you are talking about cos we just had Breakfast with him" Oh... well... I've taken some photos of him and the kids and I didn't know which one to chooose as the kids were looking in 10 different directions.. so you guys get to see all of it.... Enjoy... And don't you agree he really looks real with his rosy cheeks??

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Delimas Curry Chicken

This week has been a very busy week for me. Cooking our meals has become a big chore as I've so much to do with driving the kids around and getting ready for Christmas. I'm now in my max speed knitting as much as I can. We have been having alot of spagetti and ABC soup for our dinners. I've been craving for curry chicken and remembered, Raymond See of MyTasteofAsia did send my some free gifts and one of them was the Delimas Curry Chicken Paste.

I quickly got the chicken and started to cook and boy..... it was so easy and quick. I didn't have to cut any garlic or pound any spices. I just needed chicken, potatoes and the paste.. and that was it. It looked delicious and it tasted delicious too. I am glad I did buy more of this paste in my last order. I am planning to give these paste away as X'mas presents to some friends who don't know how to cook curry but loves curry. I now know I'm giving away a nice and delicious present.

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December 3, 2007

Three Little Pigs & Polar Express

We had a very nice weekend despite the bad weather. My kids' God mom had gotten us tickets to the Chicago Kids Company's Three Little Pigs Performance. The day started out bright and sunny and as we got out of the house, it started snowing. We weathered the snow and traffic jam and quickly sneaked into the theater to enjoy the 2nd half of the show. The kids loved the performance, and to my surprise Greg was jumping and laughing and clapping and singing along with the actors. Gilly however who was still interested in the performance kept her "cool" composure. The actors were very talented and their voices were beautiful. It was hilarious when they rapped and danced hip-hop when they story was about the Three Little Pigs. It was the kids first "live" theater show and I am planning to take them for the next performance of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

When the show ended, we had a chance to take some photos with the actors and Greg to my surprise ran up to the wolf and "hit" the wolf. He did that twice and I didn't know if I should reprimand him or laugh at him. I guess he isn't afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. By the time the show ended, it was snowing pretty hard and we all drove through the crazy traffic to Matsuya for sushi and my favorite Katsu Don. It must be at least a year since I've eaten katsu don. We stayed the nite at my friend's place as the storm had changed to ice rain. When we went out at 9pm go do a carry-out, I did my slide so that I would not fall.

The next day, we missed mass but was in time for CCD. We bought lunch and went home to rest. Shhh!!! the kids slept at 2am so they were tired but they didn't know what was in store for them next. At 2.45pm, we got the kids into the van and the next thing they realize we were parking in the Train Station. I had booked us 4 tickets for the Polar Express. The village annually rents a few coaches and kids would go on the Polar Express. We went all the way to North Pole (Joliet) and hunted for Santa Claus at North Pole. When we found him, he followed us back to Tinley Park. In the train we sang Christmas Carols and Santa Claus mingled with us. He gave the kids a bell and the kids had fun eating Santa cookie and drank hot chocolate. Greg who loves trains got to sit on the Metra train for the first time and he definitely enjoyed his train ride with Santa.

We sure had a fun and busy weekend and I had trouble waking Greg up this morning. Even when I pulled his pants off.. he just jumped and snuggled under his sheets. Only when I told him that it was my day to volunteer in his class that he did jump out of bed.

We are going for "Breakfast with Santa" this coming Saturday at Nordstrom. I'll keep you posted with photos.....

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