May 25, 2009

Gilly's First Communion

Gilly about to get into the van
Sunday, May 24th 2009 Gilly received her 1st Holy Communion. We woke up very early all excited as its Gilly's big day. She is finally getting to eat the blessed "wafer" which she has now realize doesn't taste all that delicious. hahaha poor girl got duped into thinking its taste so good. Hopefully she will come to understand how blessed is the "wafer" .

Gilly with her flower and pretty dress.

Gilly insisted on taking photos with her plant. She got to choose the color of this plant when we bought it, and now has claim that it is hers... so it is except mummy has to take care of it.

Gilly walking up the aisle.

Mummy has to run around in the basement to make sure things were in order as she was in charge of the reception. I prayed the food ordered would arrive on time and the chicken wings I grilled would be warm by the time food was served. I got to sit down and speak to the priest for a few minutes and I came out a happy person. Wow... 15 more minutes and I still didn't pin up Gilly's veil !!! Got that done in a jiffy, thanks to ballet recital experience. Gilly looked so pretty in her dress.

Lighting of the candle. (Nobody caught fire)

Mass started on time and I wasn't ready for it. It went on smoothly but Greg was "bored" and he was sitting in the front row. Gosh, I was praying that he would not pull Gilly's veil to entertain himself. He was getting restless and finally out of desperation, I took out my iphone, turn on the silence mode and let him play with fluid and bubble. That kept him busy for awhile but that meant my battery was getting weaker.

Gilly reading (can't remember what, shhh!!!!).

Finally, Gilly gets to receive her blessed host. I'm very proud that she went through all the classes with minimal fuss. Yes, waking up early Sunday morning and getting dragged to church isn't fun, but she did it. She is a 4th generation practising Catholic and I do hope she would continue her faith when she is all grown up.

Gilly gets her first "wafer" also known as Communion Host.

Gilly receiving her certificate from Fr. Michael.

9 kids with priest and they don't know which camera to look at.

After Mass, the kids were lead to the entrance of the church where they got to shake hands with the congregations who were all proud of these kids achievements. Then we all got to take photos ... and boy there were so many cameras you'd think the kids were the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and the paparazzi were lurking. Poor kids, they were all looking in different directions it was hard to take a nice photo.

Wonder what is that smile for? Hmmmm plotting something mischevious?

We proceeded down to the basement for a reception. The food came on time, thanks to a helpful friend. Everybody loved the food and I was happy because I spent less than budgeted. Phew!!! I love my daughter but she drove me nuts... the minute she got into basement, she told me she wanted to change clothes. Boy, I sure got pissed and told her "Gilly, I don't care what you want... I spent so much money on that dress so you better be wearing it for the next hour. Stop the complaining and make it worth my freaking $60!!!!!!!" She reluctantly walked away but before she could take another step, a lady walked by and told her how pretty she looked in her dress. Gilly smile and I guess that made her day.

Now that she is done with her 1st communion... hehehe... I can play hooky on some Sundays... shhhh... I better hope nobody from my church is reading this...

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May 19, 2009

I am now 40!!!

Atomic Cake
Its been almost 2 weeks and into my 2nd week of being 40. Yes, the big FOUR ZERO. I'm all excited as I will be meeting up with my elementary-highschool classmates in a June and we will all be celebrating our big 40. The last time we did a big celebration was for our quarter of century. Gosh, its been 15 years...
It's a tall cake!!!
How am I feeling being 40? I love it. I didn't have any big celebration as usual. Maybe I'll do something when I turn 50... hehehe.. My girlfriend S asked what I was going to do on my birthday, and I quickly told her I was going to my favorite Nursery to buy my annual plants. Yes, I usually remove all the passenger seats in my minivan and fill it up with plants and that I surely did on my birthday.
On the eve of my birthday, K, S and I had lunch at Red Robins(hmmm delicious burgers!!!). The girls decided to go to the nursery as well. I certainly enjoyed myself, the flowers were lovely and the rose aisle smell so good. No, no rose plants called me this time, my wallet was spared.. hehehehe
K and I not wasting any cake.
Now, the bold thing I did this time was I ordered my own birthday cake. It must be about being 40 because I would not have dared to get my own cake previous years. This year, I told myself that I might as well order a cake I would eat instead of waiting for hubby. Last 2 years, my kids and hubby ate all my cake and I just smiled and watched them enjoy it. I was all excited because a few months ago, at a friends birthday, I had this delicious cake with toppings that wasn't SWEET. For weeks, I kept telling myself that I should get myself that cake. I asked the lady that bought the cake and she told me where to get the cake.. any readers reading this and you live in Chicago.. its Weber Bakery. The cake I got was called "Atomic" cake. Atomic it certainly was.
I got my gfs to come over to enjoy the cake. I was more excited about the eating the cake then the it being my birthday cake. You can see from the photo, my gf and I cleaning up even the plastic wrap.. hehehehe OH..... I forgot to mention that after driving almost 2 hours to and from the Nursery.... it took me another 2 hours just to get the cake when the kids got home. K asked what I was doing for dinner and all I said "I dont' know, I think the cake is the main entree and the dinner... I'll think about it later" hahahaha...
I had a fun Birthday this year with my family and friends... and I know I am going to have a blast in my 40s !!!!!
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May 6, 2009

What girlfriends are for!!!

  • Girlfriends are there to call you in the morning to see what you are your plans for the day.
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and you need to talk
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and need to cry
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and need someone who will laugh with you
  • Girlfriends are there when you need to be all silly and know you won't be thought a nutjob
  • Girlfriends are there when you don't have to feel shy to ask the dumbest question

Most importantly:

  • Girlfriends are there when they call your house and the "butler" you obviously can't afford picks up the call and says you are asleep. That girlfriend freaks out and sends the other girlfriend over to ring on your doorbell to make sure you are still alive!!!

Girlfriend brings you her famous led belbet cupcakes for your birthday!!

Girlfriend knows the vultures are circling so she makes sure there are enough "led belbet" for the birthday girl and vultures!!
NOW.... what are girlfriend's husband good for???
This one is for you Mr.A (you know who you are)
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May 5, 2009

I'm a big girl now.

"Gilly, go switch on the T.V and put to channel Five Six". I casually told my 8 year old. She replies "I'm a big girl now, mummy. You can use big words now". I guess I'm so used to talking to small kids that I forget she know what is Fifty Six. Time sure has passed so quickly and now I can use proper English.
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