April 29, 2008

How to Kill Ants

The weather is getting warmer and that means those creepy crawlies are out again. If you find your house infested with ants, don't bother calling the Pest Controllers that will charge you and arm and a leg. Try this simple method first which should take about a week. This mixture NEEDS to take a few days to a week but it works. It a mixture of borax and sugar so the ants would take it back to its nest and feed it to the Queen thus killing the source of your pain.

Questions about pets eating it, I doubt it would as I do have a dog in the house. The amount that you need is little so I doubt if your dog or cat would ingest it, it would kill them. Now, please don't leave a bowlful of this mixture cos then it would be too much even for me... hahaha...

Just mix: 1/ 4 cup powdered sugar and 2 tbsp borax.

It is alot for even ants so keep them in a secure container for future use (I still have mine from 2 years ago under my sink). Sprinkle a bit of this mixture in the midst of the ant traffic so they would take it back to their nest.

I've made this mixture for my neighbors too. I'd one neighbor who had so much ants that he had to come and ask for me but his ants has now all gone to heaven. Good Luck.. If after 2 weeks and you still have tat much ants.. do call the Pest controller...

Don't let your kids eat those sugar mix ok.....
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April 28, 2008

Music from the Past

Today I've not been in the best of mood. I just didn't feel like talking much to anyone so phone calls and IMs were ignored. What did I do tonight to make myself feel better?? YOUTUBE. Yes I was just "youtub-ing" and what did I youtube?? PETER CETERA. He has always been my one that melts my heart. Listening to him sing brings back all old memories.. yes of all my party days and days of going gaga over certain guy. No... I don't long for any of my old flames but just a nice nostalgic feeling that comes whenever I hear Peter Cetera's voice. Man... would it be nice for him to just serenade to me.... if only my hubby can sing like him... dream....

I managed to request some song books from the library. Maybe I'll just pretend to play for Cetera while he serenades me.

Enjoy what I've been listening too... Yes.. and I'm that old to you twentysomethings.....

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April 20, 2008

I Finally Gave Up

Yes, I finally gave up and caved-in to Gilly's constant begging for an American Girl Doll. American Girl Store is just a few blocks from my doctor's office so during Spring Break, with my 2 kids in tow, I decided to treat Gilly to a doll. Hey! Parking in downtown is so freaking expensive why not do it before my doctor's appointment which means parking fee cost only $9.

Gilly decided on a "Just like You" Doll and has named her Paige. Paige has since been tossed around and even once forgotten. I did warn her about being mean to her brother as I've heard from a few friends how brother's would take revenge on their sisters by doing something to their dolls.

Grandma and Grandpa had sent the kids some money, so technically Paige from them. I wondered for a few days how to tell Grandma that I had spent her RM400 on a doll. Dollar to Dollar, its just like us spending $400 on a doll. My mom had never bought me a doll when I was small as we couldn't afford it and being a teacher she prefered books to toys. I guess being a Grandma, you are more generous with your grandchild.. she was surprise by the price but didn't protest. Phew!! I guess its just a typical American child to want an American Girl Doll.

I just couldn't believe how crazy things get in there... an ER and a beauty salon for the Dolls!!!! Geess... I do love the entreprenuerialship of the Americans... I have to say the Americans do know how to make a buck out of anything... Oh... I can't believe how much an outfit cost for the dolls. $26!!!!!!!!! I could have bought Gilly 3 shirt or pants at Target with that $26.

Now comes the part where I refuse to spend any money on those $26 clothes... I decided I was going to try to make Paige clothes. Since I've made PJ pants, I kinda figured out how to read sewing patterns. Thanks to the guidance of a Ms.Katherine. I paid $12 for the pattern which turned out to have 12 designs. Hey what a bargain. While reading the material requirements did it dawn to me how little yardage a doll requires.. Yahoo!!!!!

My in-laws who are seamstress laughed at me when I showed them the sewing pattern. The first thing they asked was "Do you know how to sew?" I said "For $26 an outfit, I will learn to sew."

Before I could start, I had to call Ms.Katherine for guidance. I had to ask her what is "Overcast all outer edge and then hem the sides and bottom." See how much I know. hahahaha It was basically a zigzag stitch on all sides then straight stitch the sides and bottom. Duh!!!!!

I started out with a Wrap around skirt. It seemed the easiest to do, and it took me 1 hour to sew it. As I had more cloth and now knowing what to expect, I made 2 more skirts with the same material in less than an hour. I gave one to my neighbor's daughter and another to a church friend. Being over enthusiastic, I started out with a dress at dinner time. This one was more complicated and it took me about 4 hours. This time round, the challenging part was the sleeves and I think I've gotten the hang of it.
I've added photos of the dress and skirt. I can say I'm pretty happy I managed to sew these outfits. I guess a sense of achievement for one whose mom took her out of home education class to accounting class because she was hopeless.

Paige in Hello Kitty dress

Paige in wrap round skirt

Gilly with Paige

Gilly with tooth missing.

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April 18, 2008

Food Bloggers and cooks with their secret recipes

This post is dedicated to the chefs/cooks who have taught me and shared with me their passion for cooking. Especially to Lily Ng and Gertrude. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your generosity and unselfishness. With blogging, all our lives have changed. We have found new friends and made our lives more interesting. I don't stand at the kitchen and wonder what I should cook anymore. I know.. I still do but less often now. I get all excited when I see my Google Reader saying there are new post. That would mean, I may have something new to experiment in my kitchen. Blogging about food is your legacy, Lily and Gert, you have passed on your legacy to us food beginners. Not only have you taught us how too cook but also how to be generous like you. Once again, Thank you.

I've this story to tell, my dad's cousin brother had a wife who was a very good cook. Her specialty was Achar, pineapple tarts and kuih bangkit tat was to die for. We always looked forward to her cookies just before CNY and she would also bring a bottle of her acar. My mom would make her famous jagung custard and in return, give her the custards. One day, Aunty A asked my mom for the recipe and my mom willingly taught her how to make it. Then came the day my mom asked her for the acar recipe. Her response was "I'll make for you to eat whenever you want." That meant "No, I don't want to give you the recipe." I guess my mom must have felt slighted abit by this.

I don't remember how long after this, one day out of the blues, she came over with her hubby and there was this bottle of achar. Mum was happy to see the achar as we always look forward to anything delicious from anyone. That happened around Christmas time... and to our shock, a few days later we got a call that she had passed away. It was truly a sad thing as she wasn't all that old. Maybe in her late 40s or early 50s.

She died when her kids were in their early 20s and not having any interest in cooking. Later we found out that her recipes died with her as none of her kids had learnt how to cook her specialties. About 8 years ago, her daughter did tell me that she regreted not learning how to make pineapple tarts from her mom. The ironic thing is if she had taught my mom, without hesitation my mom would have given her daughters' the recipes. I've made it a point to learn my mom's specialties and always tell my friend to learn from their moms. Those recipes are not just ingredients and directions but also a reminder of the people who have pour their love and passion into our stomachs.

Once again, Thank You to all the Food Bloggers who have generous and never expecting anything in return.
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April 14, 2008

Grandma in Florida?

Last Friday, my son and I had a nice breakfast together which is rare as I usually do a grab and go kinda breakfast on a school day. We both sat down and had a nice half boil egg (3 minute egg) breakfast. He did the usual dunk with his bread and I told him to tear his bread to little pieces and drown them in the egg. I just casually said, "you know, my grandma taught me how to eat it this way". He replied "my grandma in Florida?" I was puzzled and realized that he was refering to his Grandma in Florida. Wait a minute!!! you have no Grandma in Florida. You have Grandma in Malaysia, Grandma in Chinatown Chicago and a Grandma White but not Grandma in Florida. It dawn to me that the last time he saw my mom was in Dec 2005 and it was in Orlando Florida and he now thinks my mom lives in Florida. Poor boy...

I spoke to my mom on Saturday and we were casually talking about our cancelled trip to Malaysia due to rising plane tix. She suggested meeting halfway in London as her youngest sis lives there. I laughed and said "Oh no... Greg is now going to think you live in London." And before I know it he will go to school and tells his teacher that Grandma lives in London and Orlando. His teacher will think his Grandma must be very rich.

Did anyone else have this same situation with their kids? I doubt I'm the only that has experienced this. I'm thinking of getting a globe and teaching him more locations of places. Kids and their way of thinking.. they sure keep us entertained and keeps us on our toes.
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