October 23, 2020

 Hi Blog,  

It's been many years since I posted anything.  

Many things have happened.  I am now a single working mom with 2 amazing kids and a little white fluff. 

Work has been good even with COVID happening.  I love working as it keeps me busy and takes away the pain of a divorce.

My journey since 2017 to Rome to where I am today, has made me very aware of life.  When horrible things happen,  I see it as its happening in order for good things to happen. I know God is watching over me and has sent many angels here helping and supporting me. The journey was so dark but its brighter now.

I see myself as a widow, the man I loved seem to have died.  Man that walked out on me and didn't keep his vows,  I don't recognize.  Kids are also trying to heal and I as their mom keep telling them they are good and amazing kids and they will be OK because we are the master of our own ship.

Anyway,  I thougth I'll just update on this blog that the Kwannies is now Kwannies 3 and Stronger.  

My journey and survival of Divorce,  is journeyed and if you can find me out there..... know you too can survive.

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