December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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October 30, 2009

Me, My Girl and Nancy Drew

Gilly and Greg in Singapore
My Gilly is now 9, and in a few years, she will be a teenager. Yes those raging hormonal teenagers. I'm not looking forward to it. Why? I was once one. Boy... I don't remember many events but somehow it leaves me with a uneasy feeling. My mom most probably will remember how much I tortured her. Gilly loves reading and every alternate week, I would have to take her to the library to borrow books. I've come to realize if she has books to read, she would not get into trouble as she quietly sits and read. For my own sanity, its just best I force myself to take her to the library. Its been more than 6 months and I've always asked her to try reading Nancy Drew books, she loves Little House on the Prairie and those olden day books. I wanted her to have a wider range of books to read, including mystery books. But everytime I ask her to read Nancy Drew, she tells me she doesn't like it. Last week, she came rushing into the house after school announcing she borrowed Nancy Drew book from the school library. I was pleasantly surprised, and proceeded to ask her what made her borrow the book. Her answer... "my friend, so-and-so, has finished reading the series and tells me its very good". I replied, "Oh, that's good"... and while she was ransacking the fridge, the internal conversation I had ... "damn, haven't I been asking you to read this book.. and you said NO, cos you don't like it. And now your so called friend says its nice, you decide to read it. Gees, I guess you don't need your Mommy anymore". Great, I realize, its payback time for all the crap my mom had to put up with me when I was a raging hormonal teenager. Hmmm... she is only 9. Gosh, I really am "looking" forward to having a teenager for a daughter. I pray I will not be in the mental hospital before she turns 21.
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August 21, 2009

How to clean a Dry Erase Board

Do you have a dry erase board that helps you and your family know what's going on for the week or month? Do you have ugly white board filled with scribbled marks from permanent or temporary markers that can't seem to come off????

Don't bother with that darn Expo dry erase board cleaner.. like its bottle says... mild formula..

All you need is a dry kitchen towel and... TOOTHPASTE

Yes, toothpaste. My dry erase board that I use for my kids had reddish shadows from last May's schedule which I didn't erase until now. I used a black dry erase marker but when I rubbed it off, there was still a red "shadow". I used the EXPO that I bought from Staples but no luck.. and I googled to see what I could do before heading out to buy another new board.

I laughed when I saw people swear by the toothpaste remedy... and now... I'm testifying that it is TRUE!!!!! Give it a try .. no harm since we always have toothpaste in our bathroom.

Back to scribbling the kids schedule on my CLEAN white board!!!
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August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gilly

Opps... Happy Belated Birthday Gilly..
You are now 9...
You have made my life truly blessed and colorful.
Love You
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July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!!!!

Happy Birthday Gregory
You are now 6 years old
You have been a joy to Mummy, Daddy and Cici
You have made us laugh alot
You have made us proud.
Greg enjoying his Roti Canai

Greg swinging from a tree branch near KLCC

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June 2, 2009

End of Kindergarten for Gregory

It has been an interesting year for Greg. It started out with him being in Kindergarten and I'm happy that my son reads books. He has started addition and now I can't trick him about things I read on the internet. His teachers tells me that he is a joy to have in a class. He has no problems making friends and loves to play with his classmates. He is the ever confident boy who dares to wear pink to school. I was surprise the next time he put on the pink shirt eventhough he shed a bit of tears the first time he got teased for wearing pink to school.

His favorite ride, the school bus

I remember the day he started school, how enthusiastic he was and how he would resist temptation of a 2lb M&Ms bag. His zest for school never faded and even the last day of school, he told me he would miss school during summer. He just doesn't realize that Mummy MISSES school even MORE!!!!!

Greg with bus driver who is always smiling.

Greg started T-ball season in May. It was hard for me with piano lessons and all but we managed to move our schedule around to make sure he got to the field on time. Dad loves watching baseball and I guess it rubbed onto him. He was all excited when we signed him up for T-ball. He has improved quite abit since day 1, trust me when I say Day 1 because we never played ball with him. I don't understand the game and I doubt I would but I would sit on the bleechers and cheer him when he runs or hits.. but don't count on me figuring out the game and its points. Coach tells me something about Inning.. and to me its just a word without any meaning. hahaha... Greg has managed to hit a few balls without the need for the T.

Greg trying to hit the ball, see his facial expression?

He has the funniest expression when he is hitting the ball. He tells me that he has to do it to scare the guy throwing the ball. I don't know what made him think that way.. but hey... I get a kick out of seeing him and his funny face.

Waiting for the ball with his ready mode.

Unfortunately for the little one, we leave for our vacation in a few days and he will miss out on the last 5 games for the season. He got to say his byes to his teammate and coach who has been awesome. He sure has the patience to deal with 10 kindergarteners and teaching them the ropes of the game. Thanks coach... you have made Greg's 1st baseball experience a memorable one.

Greg with Coach

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May 25, 2009

Gilly's First Communion

Gilly about to get into the van
Sunday, May 24th 2009 Gilly received her 1st Holy Communion. We woke up very early all excited as its Gilly's big day. She is finally getting to eat the blessed "wafer" which she has now realize doesn't taste all that delicious. hahaha poor girl got duped into thinking its taste so good. Hopefully she will come to understand how blessed is the "wafer" .

Gilly with her flower and pretty dress.

Gilly insisted on taking photos with her plant. She got to choose the color of this plant when we bought it, and now has claim that it is hers... so it is except mummy has to take care of it.

Gilly walking up the aisle.

Mummy has to run around in the basement to make sure things were in order as she was in charge of the reception. I prayed the food ordered would arrive on time and the chicken wings I grilled would be warm by the time food was served. I got to sit down and speak to the priest for a few minutes and I came out a happy person. Wow... 15 more minutes and I still didn't pin up Gilly's veil !!! Got that done in a jiffy, thanks to ballet recital experience. Gilly looked so pretty in her dress.

Lighting of the candle. (Nobody caught fire)

Mass started on time and I wasn't ready for it. It went on smoothly but Greg was "bored" and he was sitting in the front row. Gosh, I was praying that he would not pull Gilly's veil to entertain himself. He was getting restless and finally out of desperation, I took out my iphone, turn on the silence mode and let him play with fluid and bubble. That kept him busy for awhile but that meant my battery was getting weaker.

Gilly reading (can't remember what, shhh!!!!).

Finally, Gilly gets to receive her blessed host. I'm very proud that she went through all the classes with minimal fuss. Yes, waking up early Sunday morning and getting dragged to church isn't fun, but she did it. She is a 4th generation practising Catholic and I do hope she would continue her faith when she is all grown up.

Gilly gets her first "wafer" also known as Communion Host.

Gilly receiving her certificate from Fr. Michael.

9 kids with priest and they don't know which camera to look at.

After Mass, the kids were lead to the entrance of the church where they got to shake hands with the congregations who were all proud of these kids achievements. Then we all got to take photos ... and boy there were so many cameras you'd think the kids were the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and the paparazzi were lurking. Poor kids, they were all looking in different directions it was hard to take a nice photo.

Wonder what is that smile for? Hmmmm plotting something mischevious?

We proceeded down to the basement for a reception. The food came on time, thanks to a helpful friend. Everybody loved the food and I was happy because I spent less than budgeted. Phew!!! I love my daughter but she drove me nuts... the minute she got into basement, she told me she wanted to change clothes. Boy, I sure got pissed and told her "Gilly, I don't care what you want... I spent so much money on that dress so you better be wearing it for the next hour. Stop the complaining and make it worth my freaking $60!!!!!!!" She reluctantly walked away but before she could take another step, a lady walked by and told her how pretty she looked in her dress. Gilly smile and I guess that made her day.

Now that she is done with her 1st communion... hehehe... I can play hooky on some Sundays... shhhh... I better hope nobody from my church is reading this...

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May 19, 2009

I am now 40!!!

Atomic Cake
Its been almost 2 weeks and into my 2nd week of being 40. Yes, the big FOUR ZERO. I'm all excited as I will be meeting up with my elementary-highschool classmates in a June and we will all be celebrating our big 40. The last time we did a big celebration was for our quarter of century. Gosh, its been 15 years...
It's a tall cake!!!
How am I feeling being 40? I love it. I didn't have any big celebration as usual. Maybe I'll do something when I turn 50... hehehe.. My girlfriend S asked what I was going to do on my birthday, and I quickly told her I was going to my favorite Nursery to buy my annual plants. Yes, I usually remove all the passenger seats in my minivan and fill it up with plants and that I surely did on my birthday.
On the eve of my birthday, K, S and I had lunch at Red Robins(hmmm delicious burgers!!!). The girls decided to go to the nursery as well. I certainly enjoyed myself, the flowers were lovely and the rose aisle smell so good. No, no rose plants called me this time, my wallet was spared.. hehehehe
K and I not wasting any cake.
Now, the bold thing I did this time was I ordered my own birthday cake. It must be about being 40 because I would not have dared to get my own cake previous years. This year, I told myself that I might as well order a cake I would eat instead of waiting for hubby. Last 2 years, my kids and hubby ate all my cake and I just smiled and watched them enjoy it. I was all excited because a few months ago, at a friends birthday, I had this delicious cake with toppings that wasn't SWEET. For weeks, I kept telling myself that I should get myself that cake. I asked the lady that bought the cake and she told me where to get the cake.. any readers reading this and you live in Chicago.. its Weber Bakery. The cake I got was called "Atomic" cake. Atomic it certainly was.
I got my gfs to come over to enjoy the cake. I was more excited about the eating the cake then the it being my birthday cake. You can see from the photo, my gf and I cleaning up even the plastic wrap.. hehehehe OH..... I forgot to mention that after driving almost 2 hours to and from the Nursery.... it took me another 2 hours just to get the cake when the kids got home. K asked what I was doing for dinner and all I said "I dont' know, I think the cake is the main entree and the dinner... I'll think about it later" hahahaha...
I had a fun Birthday this year with my family and friends... and I know I am going to have a blast in my 40s !!!!!
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May 6, 2009

What girlfriends are for!!!

  • Girlfriends are there to call you in the morning to see what you are your plans for the day.
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and you need to talk
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and need to cry
  • Girlfriends are there when you are down and need someone who will laugh with you
  • Girlfriends are there when you need to be all silly and know you won't be thought a nutjob
  • Girlfriends are there when you don't have to feel shy to ask the dumbest question

Most importantly:

  • Girlfriends are there when they call your house and the "butler" you obviously can't afford picks up the call and says you are asleep. That girlfriend freaks out and sends the other girlfriend over to ring on your doorbell to make sure you are still alive!!!

Girlfriend brings you her famous led belbet cupcakes for your birthday!!

Girlfriend knows the vultures are circling so she makes sure there are enough "led belbet" for the birthday girl and vultures!!
NOW.... what are girlfriend's husband good for???
This one is for you Mr.A (you know who you are)
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May 5, 2009

I'm a big girl now.

"Gilly, go switch on the T.V and put to channel Five Six". I casually told my 8 year old. She replies "I'm a big girl now, mummy. You can use big words now". I guess I'm so used to talking to small kids that I forget she know what is Fifty Six. Time sure has passed so quickly and now I can use proper English.
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April 20, 2009

What a way to start a week.

Imagine its Monday morning, you are dragging yourself to work. The cup of coffee isn't helping kick the Monday morning blues, at the train station, you just assume that it will be the usual boring routine... and you happen to see this right in front of you. What a fantastic way of starting the week... Enjoy this... I sure started my day with a nice pleasant jolt.. More than 200 dancers were performing there version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".
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April 16, 2009

How little girls just make me laugh

Yesterday my friend, MJ came over with her 2 boys and daughter. We were goofing around with our flip and she showed me certain tricks to make my flip videos look better. I clicked on one video, and that made little Katie start giggling with her cute hand posture.. I had to FLIP that moment and here it is....
Now, you must be wondering what is so funny that Katie was giggling so much...
It's my Russian daughter, Cricket who loves making funny faces and she is really good at it.
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March 18, 2009

Car Seats is just like Milk, they have expiration dates.

I was talking to my friend, Kat and I was telling her how I can't wait to hand over Greg's old infant carseat to my niece. She ask how old was it and I said "It was Greg's. So maybe 5 years old?"
Her comment that surprised me was "there is expiration dates on car seat". I was like "HUH, what do you mean there is expiration date?" I know I sounded dumb especially when I've had my oldest who is 8 using carseats 8 years ago. I dragged the carseat out of its box, tried to get it off the base (I even forgot how to get it off the base). I looked all the labels and didn't find it. Finally I notice prints that were molded into the plastic of the seat. Damn it.. there is an expiration date. December 2009. Hmm.. I didn't know carseats are like MILK.. it will turn bad.
Oh well I googled and it talked about why there is expiration dates... blah blah blah of change in technology, warp of the plastic, fray of the belts (yeah right. like the 3 mth old would fray the belts). So, I shall email my niece and tell her about the expiration date and if she doesn't want it. I will just add more plastic to the landfill.
So for those of you who love buying carseats from ebay or garage sale. Do remember to check out the expiration date of carseats.
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March 16, 2009

Panic Attacks

What is panic attacks? How does one react during a panic attack? I had a conversation with my gf about panic attacks and I was laughing to realize since I was small, I had panic attacks but never new it until today. I'll be 40 this May and only now do I know I've always suffered from it. hahaha.. Do I need to see a therapist? Yesterday, I had a very weird day at church. The slightest thing would irritate me... and I would notice myself "zoning out" from conversations because the person sitting across me would irritate me. If you ask what did the person do to irritate me. My answer would be “she did nothing”. Now, if you love to Tango, you would have loved being me yesterday. If anyone came too close to me, I would get spooked up and I would take a few steps away... and like a true tango, my partner would shadow me in my steps. Normal days, it would not have irritated me but gosh, yesterday... it just irritated the crap out of me and I was in CHURCH!!!! I was wondering what was going on with myself because once I came home, I was fine. It was like I was fighting my own inner demons and it all happened while at church. Back to my “discovery” of panic attacks… I googled "What is panic attack?" This is what I found...... Panic attacks may be symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Another fact about panic is that this symptom is strikingly different from other types of anxiety; panic attacks are so very sudden and often unexpected, appear to be unprovoked, and are often disabling. Now comes the symptoms of a panic attack: (those in yellow.. is what I think I have/had) What are the symptoms of a panic attack?As described above, the symptoms of a panic attack appear suddenly, without any apparent cause. They may include · racing or pounding heartbeat (palpitations); · chest pains; · stomach upset; · dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea; · difficulty breathing, a sense of feeling smothered; · tingling or numbness in the hands; (I’d love to say numbness is a symptom but I do have carpal tunnel so this one is out) · hot flashes or chills; (chills) · dreamlike sensations or perceptual distortions; (dreamlike.. zoning out) · terror: a sense that something unimaginably horrible is about to occur and one is powerless to prevent it; (I always think of the worst would happen to my loved one when they go out without me there. When young, and my parents would go to Penang and I get to be at home by myself, I would worry until I hear from them that they have reached safely. Now, when hubby goes out to buy bread, I worry he would meet with an accident and I don’t get to see him alive again) · a need to escape; (need for my personal space, hence the tango dance I would do if anyone stands too close to me) · fear of losing control and doing something embarrassing; (Never catch me on a roller coaster or can’t pay me a $1M to ride on it cos I’m hate feeling not in control. Do I wish to go on the roller coaster? Yes, but would I go line up. NO) · fear of dying. (Yes, It goes thru my mind and gives me the chills and drives me nuts knowing my very young kids won’t have me to take care of them especially when none of my family member are closeby to help).
Hmm.. I wonder if “fear of losing control and doing something embarrassing” is the reason why I have told a friend what I want for my funeral. That would mean, in the end I still get to control how I’m bid farewell.
You won’t find me walking on back alleys anymore even on broad daylight. When I was 19, I was molested and all I remember when I got back to my room.. I had blood on my nails. Guys that I would date I would warn then not to come up from behind me to surprise me. I have dug my nails in to a few unlucky innocent guy friends who were goofing around with me. I walked to a grocery store yesterday after church. Seeing the back alley give me the chills. And all this while, I thought it was old memories but now I know the quick walk I do when I see back alleys is because of panic attacks.
Can I diagnose my craziness and blame it all on panic attacks?? How I react to certain things and how I behave at a certain time is all blamed on panic attacks? Or is it just plain ME problem? Ok... I'm done blabbing here... I'm off to my lala-land..
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March 3, 2009

My take on Reality Shows.

When I first came to USA, I found this show called Real World on MTV and I got caught with the Reality show. I know, I know, I'm a nosey parker who likes to see how people live. Then came Survivor.. then the Bachelor... these days, I watch "The Hill" and "The City". Wipe that frown off your face!! I'm 40 but I kinda like seeing how these 20 year old chicks get to live this fabulous ultra chic lifestyle. Cos I never got to do that.. amazing how they can afford to drive Benz at this age. They add some color to this dull life of a SAHM. hahaha Last year when I found out the truth about that $$$$ loving mom from Jon & Kate Plus 8. I was shocked and vowed I would not watch anymore of their show. So, TLC... I have stayed true to myself and refused to even watch the episode where she moves into that million dollar house. It says something when a lady has no contact with her parents and siblings!!!! Curious of how her new hse looks? Yes, but I'm not giving that family any ratings. Now comes this disgusting show called The Bachelor of ABC. I used to like watching it the first few series. I was glad to see Trista marrying Ryan but that show seem to not produce too many successful relationships. It encouraged a guy to pursue more girls that he should at ONE TIME. I saw somewhere in Facebook about "Bachelor Update - Don't read unless you want to know". I decided to see what its all about... it basically was a "spoiler" about the ending of this show. I was shocked by what it revealed... then I decided to watch the Finale last night. HOLY COW... If the person that wrote the "prediction".. could have predicted the Mega Millions.. I would have been jumping over the moon.. but you know what... what I read on Facebook... It played out like how it said it would. I did some googling.. and came to this site called he certain has some pretty interesting read. So.. I told myself.. I'm NOT going to watch The Bachelor series anymore. Like how I don't watch Jon & Kate... I won't watch The Bachelor anymore... I don't think Americans are that dumb to be fooled by these networks... We have eyes and know how to add 1 + 1.. you can fool us with your editings and manuveurs for a few times.. but that is all.. I'm DONE... so slimeball bachelor... I hope you will have a wonderful marriage if you do marry her. Molly, why would you want a guy who can be easily manipulated like that.. it shows how heartless he is.. and if he can do that to Melissa, he could easily do it to you. Are you that desperate? Just remember karma's a bitch.. Jason, you have shown America what is Crocodile Tears!!!! all this is my opion... and I'm allowed to have one...
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February 18, 2009

Nintendo DS, So Near Yet So Far

Two months ago, my aunt and cousin from London celebrated Christmas with us. The kids were all excited as they seldom get to have cousins hanging out with them. They had a wonderful time playing with goofy Uncle Josh. When they went home, we had an envelope that said "Here is some money for you to buy Greg a Nintendo DS when you think he is ready".. I'm paraphrasing!!!
Gilly had gotten her DS which she made her day as she knew mummy nor Santa Claus was bringing her one. Greg was happy with his presents but would occasionally ask when he would get one.
Came last monday, after dropping Gilly at her ballet school, I decided to surprise Greg by taking him to Target. In the parking lot, he asked what we were doing at Target. He finally realize what was going on when we walked to the video game aisle.
I told him since we had a busy day, we are not able to open the game yet as we needed to have dinner than get ready for bath and bed. He suddenly did a 180ยบ with me and became moody. The next morning, he woke up happy then changed his mood again as he had to go to school and couldn't play with his DS. When he came home from school, again he started getting moody as he couldn't get to play with his new toy. I know he is all excited about his new toy. Maybe my fault for buying it on a weekday... duh me.. Tuesdays are extremely busy as I had to make sure my kids' homework is done and I have 4 piano lessons to teach.. so my boy wasn't a happy camper. Came Wednesday, he was all moody again.. man... I have never seen my son this crabby in his 5 years. I was starting to resent the fact that I was dumb in gettting myself into this mess.
This emotional happy-moody ping pong game went on from Tuesday till Thursday. I after reminding him that he wasn't behaving and it wasn't acceptable, and I may have to return the DS if he kept going... it wasn't working. I finally told him Thursday night that I had enough. For 3 days it was horrible, one moment he would come talk nice to me, then start the angry look. He could come hug me and then the next thing after letting me go, he would fold his arms and huff at me. No hugs before he jumped in the bus nor a his sunshine smile waving bye bye when the bus drove off. Gosh... what a MONSTER I had.
Friday came and he was a happy camper as they have Valentine's Day party and I volunteered. He came home with all happy and he asked if he could keep the DS. I had to tell him, and I knew that was coming and I had this internal debate if I should or shouldn't give him a chance. But I had to remind myself that I had already said I would so I better keep to my words or he would not take me seriously the next time.
Saturday came and finally we had the time to go to Target. My little boy quietly walked behind me while we headed to the Customer Service Dept. While talking to the lady, I saw him rubbing his eyes. He didnt' throw a temper tantrum but had tears in his eyes. All watery eyed, he quietly stood next to me. Before we walked away, I told him I didn't like returning the DS but his behaviour towards me forced me to do so. I told him that the money for DS is still his so we could always come back to get him a DS, but he has to remember that he has to behave himself.
My heart was breaking as I did feel miserable, we had to grab Gilly a pair of pants, so we headed towards the girls' clothing. Before I could realize what was happening, I felt a tiny hand grab my hands. Gilly was ahead of me, it was Greg. He wasn't angry with me, he held my hands. He still loves me... I felt so relieve that he wasn't hating me at that moment.
Since returning the DS, he has not been moody and he is back to hugging and waving at me at the bus stop. He would sometimes ask when he is getting his DS but other than that... he is back to his old self playing with his Knex and Magnetix and trains and cars.
I do eagerly wait for the time I can make my son go all excited cos he got his DS back......
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February 15, 2009

New Addition to the Family

Baby Edwina
I am all excited to have a little baby Girl in the family again. She has no name yet, so for now I shall call her Baby Edwina..hehehehe... All we know her name will start with an E. I can't wait to carry her and in a few months time, I know I will be carrying her. I'm all so excited... my side of the family has had 3 boys in a row and finally after 5 years... we have a little girl to carry. Now... don't get me wrong that boys are no fun... they are just a different "species" hehehehe.. As for my little niece... Welcome to the family. Don't worry about Daddy... he will spoil you rotten because being a daddy's girl, you will be able to twirl him with your little finger and sweet smile. That's our secret.. oppps that I've let out of the bag.
2/17/09 Update: Baby is now officially Elysha... (Ee-lie-sha)
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February 11, 2009

Blooming Hibiscus in February

We are in the month of February and what you see in the photo is my hibiscus plant which is blooming her first bud today. The plant has a more buds developing. Yes, it is possible to bring in the hibiscus plant that is sold during summer at the nursery or in my case Jewell-Osco Grocery. This is my 2nd winter I've brought the plant into the house before the first frost. However last winter and summer this plant didn't flower. I did think of tossing it this fall and buying new one next year. I changed my mind somehow and decided to play with this plant to see what I could do... I pulled out the whole plant and discarded its soil, loosen the roots and repotted it. It seems what I did worked because I now have a flowering hibiscus. I just gotta remind myself that I now need to add more fertilizer as this plant needs alot of it when its flowering.
Maybe you could bring in your plant and save yourself $15 a year by not tossing it out annually.
Added on 2/18/09: I notice that my hibiscus bloom last longer than usual. In summers, the bloom would only last a day before it falls off. I've notice my bloom lasting a good 2 whole days.
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January 29, 2009

Do not call your friend when you are shopping!!!!!

I ran to Sam's Club today as I desperately needed a flannel sheet for my mattress. Blabbing with my friend S while I shopped, I noted that I was doing very well with only 1 flannel sheet set, 1 calendar and 1 bittersweet chocolate. I was so proud I did stuck to my shopping list. Then I decided to call friend K to confirm she wanted bittersweet chocolate and not semi-sweet chocolate. While blabbing with her, I stroll pass an aisle to see... bedset!!!! Holy cow... I got all excited as they looked so good. Then K encouraged me to get a set. Hey.. it came with everything, it was a good buy. I was told hehehehe Over the phone, we discussed which design to buy. K decides to jump on her PC to see if she could find it at Sam's site.. and she did... When she saw the plain design.. she said "oh, that is so you" damn it.. that was the more expensive design. I sneaked and unzip both designs to notice that the more expensive one was so soft... Reluctantly I took that bedset and dumped it on my cart. I called S and told her... in future wherever you are shopping, dont' call K cos you will end up with a $159 item in your cart. S asked me "what happened, I thought you were checking out"... I know I know.. K told me that I deserve to get something nice for myself as I've been wanting to make my bedroom nice and comfy. We did talk about painting my bedroom this summer. Plus for what I got, it would cos 2-3 times at Macy's .... Yes, I'm excited with a new bedset (current one is 10 yrs old) but I'm still shocked as I didn't plan to spend that much today!!!!!
Do you know which set I bought, the Green or Brown ???
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January 28, 2009

Baby Kangaroo

Introducing my baby Kangaroo .... this is the only photo taken backstage by the director of the performing centre. Due to copyright, we were not allowed to take any photos nor videos of the performance.
The performance was amazing. The dancers were truly professional and it was my first time watching the PROs at work. The first performance was Sleeping Beauty, and they had 4 local girls as the fairies. We assumed those fairies were getting big parts... to my surprise, the came in holding branches, sat on stage for awhile then got up and did a split jump before exiting the stage. Sleeping Beauty was very "formal" where all the audience was watching in silence.
When it was time for Carnival of the Animals, I was surprise at how light and entertaining it was. We were laughing at the roosters and hen flapping their wings throughout the whole dance. The mama Kangaroo was so cute hopping out, then getting her mirror and brush out of her pouch.. then came the moment where she looked behind the trees and coaxed her little baby out... there came hopping out was my Gillian.. she looked so adorable in that cute outfit.
I always get emotional when I see her dance and knowing she is doing it well. Here she hopped and I prayed she would not fall flat on her face. hehehehe I was on eggshells for the few seconds she went from one end of the stage to the other. I could hear the audience AWWWW-ing at her.
Her role was tiny, but if it was me, I would have to be pushed out to the stage to do it. Later I asked her if she was afraid and confidently she said "no". For once, my super active daughter has put her activeness to good use. hehehehe... If you guys know Gilly since she was a baby, you would know what I mean. She is my daredevil-tomboy that I thought was needed ballet to make her a lady.
Gilly was honored to have a few family and friends come watch her. Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Jessica came to watch then had to rush to Chinatown for their family reunion dinner. Oma Iola watched Gilly proudly and eventough Daddy and Greg slept thru Sleeping Beauty, they managed to wake up to watch Gilly (expensive $26/person nap!!!). Sherrill and Allison came to watch Gilly too. It was cute that Allison (6 years old) notice that the danseur (male ballet dancer) was wearing only tights. She told her mom "he is not wearing pants" hahahaha... her mum and I were amused by her observation. Gilly was asked by one of the ballet teachers of Dance Images to sign the program book. So Gilly signed her first autograph.
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January 23, 2009

Gillian in the newspaper

Chicago Sun Times (Jan 23, 2009)
Daily South Town (Jan 23, 2009)
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January 21, 2009

My Baby Kangaroo in New York Theatre Ballet’s “Carnival of the Animals”

Gillian, my 8 year old has been dancing ballet since she was 4. We went through 2 ballet schools, her first year it was like a joke as the school was more interested in the moolah than the art itself. When a friend decided to change ballet school, we quickly jumped wagon too. Was it a good decision??? Yes, Gilly was mesmerized by this bubbly energetic lady named Mrs King. She was so enchanted by this teacher that you could see her do half-hearted kicks .. all because she was just paying attention to this "funny" lady. Since that first day of class, Gilly has had Mrs King from Dance Images at Tinley Park for 3 years. Yesterday, she told me that she dreads the day she will get a different teacher

My New Year plans were to kick back and relax after a long end of year celebration. Oh boy.. I was surprise by a phone call from Mrs King. While she said her "hi", quickly I ran through my mind if I had not signed the check or didnt' write the amount on the check correctly. Boy, how wrong I was... hehehe.. She asked if Gillian would be busy on January 24th. Knowing it was a Sunday, we had CCD (which was compulsory as she is receiving her First Communion this year). She asked if Gilly was interest in dancing a recital that Sunday at 4pm. But... but... we don't have the annual recital until end of May, I thought. Then came the big news... New York Theater Ballet needs a tiny girl(who is a quick study) to dance with them in their performance of "Carnival of the Animals" as the guest role of Baby Kangaroo.

I knew that was a good opportunity or more of a good exposure for Gilly. I know I don't expect my child to be a prima ballerina, but I want her to know how its like to dance with the professionals. So I told Mrs King that I would get an answer from Gilly. It was a quick YES from Gilly. Withing hours, we let the teacher know... I think I do have a brave girl for a daughter as she will only learn her routine at 2pm, and will dance at 4pm. I dont' think I would dare to do it myself shhhh... please don't tell her I said that.
Gillian had a phone interview with Chicago Sun Times and she will be baby Kangaroo this coming Sunday. Poor Gilly has had to deal with a paranoid mom who is afraid Gilly will fall sick and then not be able to dance that day... or sprain her ankle... or break her hand.. so Poor Gilly has not been able to go sledding. I know I know ... I'm a bad mommy and I don't like to sound like a stagemom. Hey.. I doubt she would get another opportunity like this, so I'm keeping the risk to the minimum. Hahahaha.. I was so worried I would jinx it as well.. well I can't now cos Gilly should be appearing in Friday's newspaper
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January 8, 2009

Will I Jinx It?

If something good is going to happen... should you tell everyone especially blog about it or shut up about it??? I got some good news a few days ago and things seem to be going well. I told a few close friends but wish I could shout and tell every Tom, Dick and Harry... but I don't want to jinx it.... I used to say I'm not superstitous but all of a sudden ... I AM!!!! hmmm... there goes that open minded lady... Well for now.. I'll still ponder... or wait till its all over and then I can blog about it. I keep thinking.. "knowing my luck, someone might just break a leg or fall sick, then that day won't go well, so Yours Truly, keep your mouth zipped up!" ARghhhhhhhh...... hehehehe I'm going nuts!!!! Ciao!!
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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

2009 is here..... I want to wish everyone a..... Happy New Year and that 2009 will be a good year to all. Eventhough 2008 went downhill towards the end for the whole world, I'm still grateful that I have been happy and glad my family and close friends are here to support me. Hey, I'm not complaining about gas at $1.65/gallon... hehehehe...
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