February 18, 2009

Nintendo DS, So Near Yet So Far

Two months ago, my aunt and cousin from London celebrated Christmas with us. The kids were all excited as they seldom get to have cousins hanging out with them. They had a wonderful time playing with goofy Uncle Josh. When they went home, we had an envelope that said "Here is some money for you to buy Greg a Nintendo DS when you think he is ready".. I'm paraphrasing!!!
Gilly had gotten her DS which she made her day as she knew mummy nor Santa Claus was bringing her one. Greg was happy with his presents but would occasionally ask when he would get one.
Came last monday, after dropping Gilly at her ballet school, I decided to surprise Greg by taking him to Target. In the parking lot, he asked what we were doing at Target. He finally realize what was going on when we walked to the video game aisle.
I told him since we had a busy day, we are not able to open the game yet as we needed to have dinner than get ready for bath and bed. He suddenly did a 180ยบ with me and became moody. The next morning, he woke up happy then changed his mood again as he had to go to school and couldn't play with his DS. When he came home from school, again he started getting moody as he couldn't get to play with his new toy. I know he is all excited about his new toy. Maybe my fault for buying it on a weekday... duh me.. Tuesdays are extremely busy as I had to make sure my kids' homework is done and I have 4 piano lessons to teach.. so my boy wasn't a happy camper. Came Wednesday, he was all moody again.. man... I have never seen my son this crabby in his 5 years. I was starting to resent the fact that I was dumb in gettting myself into this mess.
This emotional happy-moody ping pong game went on from Tuesday till Thursday. I after reminding him that he wasn't behaving and it wasn't acceptable, and I may have to return the DS if he kept going... it wasn't working. I finally told him Thursday night that I had enough. For 3 days it was horrible, one moment he would come talk nice to me, then start the angry look. He could come hug me and then the next thing after letting me go, he would fold his arms and huff at me. No hugs before he jumped in the bus nor a his sunshine smile waving bye bye when the bus drove off. Gosh... what a MONSTER I had.
Friday came and he was a happy camper as they have Valentine's Day party and I volunteered. He came home with all happy and he asked if he could keep the DS. I had to tell him, and I knew that was coming and I had this internal debate if I should or shouldn't give him a chance. But I had to remind myself that I had already said I would so I better keep to my words or he would not take me seriously the next time.
Saturday came and finally we had the time to go to Target. My little boy quietly walked behind me while we headed to the Customer Service Dept. While talking to the lady, I saw him rubbing his eyes. He didnt' throw a temper tantrum but had tears in his eyes. All watery eyed, he quietly stood next to me. Before we walked away, I told him I didn't like returning the DS but his behaviour towards me forced me to do so. I told him that the money for DS is still his so we could always come back to get him a DS, but he has to remember that he has to behave himself.
My heart was breaking as I did feel miserable, we had to grab Gilly a pair of pants, so we headed towards the girls' clothing. Before I could realize what was happening, I felt a tiny hand grab my hands. Gilly was ahead of me, it was Greg. He wasn't angry with me, he held my hands. He still loves me... I felt so relieve that he wasn't hating me at that moment.
Since returning the DS, he has not been moody and he is back to hugging and waving at me at the bus stop. He would sometimes ask when he is getting his DS but other than that... he is back to his old self playing with his Knex and Magnetix and trains and cars.
I do eagerly wait for the time I can make my son go all excited cos he got his DS back......
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February 15, 2009

New Addition to the Family

Baby Edwina
I am all excited to have a little baby Girl in the family again. She has no name yet, so for now I shall call her Baby Edwina..hehehehe... All we know her name will start with an E. I can't wait to carry her and in a few months time, I know I will be carrying her. I'm all so excited... my side of the family has had 3 boys in a row and finally after 5 years... we have a little girl to carry. Now... don't get me wrong that boys are no fun... they are just a different "species" hehehehe.. As for my little niece... Welcome to the family. Don't worry about Daddy... he will spoil you rotten because being a daddy's girl, you will be able to twirl him with your little finger and sweet smile. That's our secret.. oppps that I've let out of the bag.
2/17/09 Update: Baby is now officially Elysha... (Ee-lie-sha)
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February 11, 2009

Blooming Hibiscus in February

We are in the month of February and what you see in the photo is my hibiscus plant which is blooming her first bud today. The plant has a more buds developing. Yes, it is possible to bring in the hibiscus plant that is sold during summer at the nursery or in my case Jewell-Osco Grocery. This is my 2nd winter I've brought the plant into the house before the first frost. However last winter and summer this plant didn't flower. I did think of tossing it this fall and buying new one next year. I changed my mind somehow and decided to play with this plant to see what I could do... I pulled out the whole plant and discarded its soil, loosen the roots and repotted it. It seems what I did worked because I now have a flowering hibiscus. I just gotta remind myself that I now need to add more fertilizer as this plant needs alot of it when its flowering.
Maybe you could bring in your plant and save yourself $15 a year by not tossing it out annually.
Added on 2/18/09: I notice that my hibiscus bloom last longer than usual. In summers, the bloom would only last a day before it falls off. I've notice my bloom lasting a good 2 whole days.
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