January 29, 2009

Do not call your friend when you are shopping!!!!!

I ran to Sam's Club today as I desperately needed a flannel sheet for my mattress. Blabbing with my friend S while I shopped, I noted that I was doing very well with only 1 flannel sheet set, 1 calendar and 1 bittersweet chocolate. I was so proud I did stuck to my shopping list. Then I decided to call friend K to confirm she wanted bittersweet chocolate and not semi-sweet chocolate. While blabbing with her, I stroll pass an aisle to see... bedset!!!! Holy cow... I got all excited as they looked so good. Then K encouraged me to get a set. Hey.. it came with everything, it was a good buy. I was told hehehehe Over the phone, we discussed which design to buy. K decides to jump on her PC to see if she could find it at Sam's site.. and she did... When she saw the plain design.. she said "oh, that is so you" damn it.. that was the more expensive design. I sneaked and unzip both designs to notice that the more expensive one was so soft... Reluctantly I took that bedset and dumped it on my cart. I called S and told her... in future wherever you are shopping, dont' call K cos you will end up with a $159 item in your cart. S asked me "what happened, I thought you were checking out"... I know I know.. K told me that I deserve to get something nice for myself as I've been wanting to make my bedroom nice and comfy. We did talk about painting my bedroom this summer. Plus for what I got, it would cos 2-3 times at Macy's .... Yes, I'm excited with a new bedset (current one is 10 yrs old) but I'm still shocked as I didn't plan to spend that much today!!!!!
Do you know which set I bought, the Green or Brown ???
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January 28, 2009

Baby Kangaroo

Introducing my baby Kangaroo .... this is the only photo taken backstage by the director of the performing centre. Due to copyright, we were not allowed to take any photos nor videos of the performance.
The performance was amazing. The dancers were truly professional and it was my first time watching the PROs at work. The first performance was Sleeping Beauty, and they had 4 local girls as the fairies. We assumed those fairies were getting big parts... to my surprise, the came in holding branches, sat on stage for awhile then got up and did a split jump before exiting the stage. Sleeping Beauty was very "formal" where all the audience was watching in silence.
When it was time for Carnival of the Animals, I was surprise at how light and entertaining it was. We were laughing at the roosters and hen flapping their wings throughout the whole dance. The mama Kangaroo was so cute hopping out, then getting her mirror and brush out of her pouch.. then came the moment where she looked behind the trees and coaxed her little baby out... there came hopping out was my Gillian.. she looked so adorable in that cute outfit.
I always get emotional when I see her dance and knowing she is doing it well. Here she hopped and I prayed she would not fall flat on her face. hehehehe I was on eggshells for the few seconds she went from one end of the stage to the other. I could hear the audience AWWWW-ing at her.
Her role was tiny, but if it was me, I would have to be pushed out to the stage to do it. Later I asked her if she was afraid and confidently she said "no". For once, my super active daughter has put her activeness to good use. hehehehe... If you guys know Gilly since she was a baby, you would know what I mean. She is my daredevil-tomboy that I thought was needed ballet to make her a lady.
Gilly was honored to have a few family and friends come watch her. Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Jessica came to watch then had to rush to Chinatown for their family reunion dinner. Oma Iola watched Gilly proudly and eventough Daddy and Greg slept thru Sleeping Beauty, they managed to wake up to watch Gilly (expensive $26/person nap!!!). Sherrill and Allison came to watch Gilly too. It was cute that Allison (6 years old) notice that the danseur (male ballet dancer) was wearing only tights. She told her mom "he is not wearing pants" hahahaha... her mum and I were amused by her observation. Gilly was asked by one of the ballet teachers of Dance Images to sign the program book. So Gilly signed her first autograph.
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January 23, 2009

Gillian in the newspaper

Chicago Sun Times (Jan 23, 2009)
Daily South Town (Jan 23, 2009)
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January 21, 2009

My Baby Kangaroo in New York Theatre Ballet’s “Carnival of the Animals”

Gillian, my 8 year old has been dancing ballet since she was 4. We went through 2 ballet schools, her first year it was like a joke as the school was more interested in the moolah than the art itself. When a friend decided to change ballet school, we quickly jumped wagon too. Was it a good decision??? Yes, Gilly was mesmerized by this bubbly energetic lady named Mrs King. She was so enchanted by this teacher that you could see her do half-hearted kicks .. all because she was just paying attention to this "funny" lady. Since that first day of class, Gilly has had Mrs King from Dance Images at Tinley Park for 3 years. Yesterday, she told me that she dreads the day she will get a different teacher

My New Year plans were to kick back and relax after a long end of year celebration. Oh boy.. I was surprise by a phone call from Mrs King. While she said her "hi", quickly I ran through my mind if I had not signed the check or didnt' write the amount on the check correctly. Boy, how wrong I was... hehehe.. She asked if Gillian would be busy on January 24th. Knowing it was a Sunday, we had CCD (which was compulsory as she is receiving her First Communion this year). She asked if Gilly was interest in dancing a recital that Sunday at 4pm. But... but... we don't have the annual recital until end of May, I thought. Then came the big news... New York Theater Ballet needs a tiny girl(who is a quick study) to dance with them in their performance of "Carnival of the Animals" as the guest role of Baby Kangaroo.

I knew that was a good opportunity or more of a good exposure for Gilly. I know I don't expect my child to be a prima ballerina, but I want her to know how its like to dance with the professionals. So I told Mrs King that I would get an answer from Gilly. It was a quick YES from Gilly. Withing hours, we let the teacher know... I think I do have a brave girl for a daughter as she will only learn her routine at 2pm, and will dance at 4pm. I dont' think I would dare to do it myself shhhh... please don't tell her I said that.
Gillian had a phone interview with Chicago Sun Times and she will be baby Kangaroo this coming Sunday. Poor Gilly has had to deal with a paranoid mom who is afraid Gilly will fall sick and then not be able to dance that day... or sprain her ankle... or break her hand.. so Poor Gilly has not been able to go sledding. I know I know ... I'm a bad mommy and I don't like to sound like a stagemom. Hey.. I doubt she would get another opportunity like this, so I'm keeping the risk to the minimum. Hahahaha.. I was so worried I would jinx it as well.. well I can't now cos Gilly should be appearing in Friday's newspaper
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January 8, 2009

Will I Jinx It?

If something good is going to happen... should you tell everyone especially blog about it or shut up about it??? I got some good news a few days ago and things seem to be going well. I told a few close friends but wish I could shout and tell every Tom, Dick and Harry... but I don't want to jinx it.... I used to say I'm not superstitous but all of a sudden ... I AM!!!! hmmm... there goes that open minded lady... Well for now.. I'll still ponder... or wait till its all over and then I can blog about it. I keep thinking.. "knowing my luck, someone might just break a leg or fall sick, then that day won't go well, so Yours Truly, keep your mouth zipped up!" ARghhhhhhhh...... hehehehe I'm going nuts!!!! Ciao!!
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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

2009 is here..... I want to wish everyone a..... Happy New Year and that 2009 will be a good year to all. Eventhough 2008 went downhill towards the end for the whole world, I'm still grateful that I have been happy and glad my family and close friends are here to support me. Hey, I'm not complaining about gas at $1.65/gallon... hehehehe...
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