August 31, 2008

Easy Satay

A month ago, I bought some Malaysian groceries from My Taste of Asia. I decided to buy some satay sauce for my girlfriend and ended up buying one for myself. Last week, I finally got to try this sauce. I was pretty surprise how good this satay sauce tasted. I used my own satay marinate on the chicken and used this Delimas Satay sauce for dip only. I added some ground peanut into the sauce and it tasted as good as the roadside satay sauce!!!

Do give it a try, you can use the sauce as a marinate as well. I was being frugal as I only bought 1 packet to try it out and I gave the other packet to my girlfriend. shhh!!!!.. I shd have kept it for myself hehehehehe. I'll for sure order more next time.

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August 30, 2008

Update on Little "D"

A few weeks ago I blogged about my neighbor's new baby boy, Little D. They call him Nick. We are happy that he is now home with his parents. He is stable enough to come home. His mummy is very tired like any new mom would be. Only difference is its only she and her hubby that knows how to take care of him. Nick is hooked up to a monitor that tells if he is breathing properly. Basically, his parents are the only ones that knows how to take care of him and his life depends on both of them. Even his grandparents would not know what to do so its really all on Mummy and Daddy.
I've been their neighbors for the past 5 years and I'm shy to say I didn't really get to know them well. But since little Nick arrival, I've learn that not only D is a bubbly person, she is strong and determined, and even when things are hard, she sees the brighter side of things. Its nice to know that even when someone is down, she is still able to forge ahead and do the best she can for her family especially her little boy. She has journaled that sometimes she does feel down and feeling of pity comes in... I think its OK for someone to sometimes feel that way. All a parent wants for their child is the best of everything especially health. I've known parents who would go into denial mode when their child have health issues but D has not done that at all. She is just as proud of this boy as she is of her daughter. We all can learn from this family a lesson or two.... Do say a pray for little Nick if you can... that cute little boy sure loves your prayers.
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August 29, 2008

Red Red Red

My garden has been invaded by RED!!!! Yes, I was too greedy that I planted 2 - celebrity tomato plants, 1 - 100 sweet tomatoes plant, 1 - cherry tomato plant, 1 - grape tomato plant. I planted 1 cayenne pepper plant and on top of it, I have 1 from last year that I took into the house during winter... so the tomatoes and cayenne peppers are all turning red now.
I've been bad and not taken photos of my plants outside... but here are the few tomatoes and chili that I have on my table. I been taking tomatoes to church and walking around my block giving away tomatoes... hmmm... maybe I should just start a tomato stall myself.. hahaha... I'll try to take photos of the celebrity photos. I showed Gilly today when we were at the grocery store that that same tomato cost $3.99/lb and how much we are saving by planting our own tomato plants. I just love eating tomatoes and we have had a few burgers with it.. and used alot for my ABC soup. I'm gonna force myself to cook some Lemongrass chicken which I learnt from Gertrude last year.
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August 28, 2008

My day.

It was Monday and the 3rd day my kids are in school fulltime. I had a few plans of running around wasting money at Linen N Things and I had a few urgent calls to make. There my phone rang and it was my gf K. She sounded like she was dying and asked if I had any plans. Of course me without any life now, I said "No". She asked if I could babysit her 2 1/2 year old baby. It looked like K caught a bad bug and even her hubby was out of commission. I quickly made my calls then jumped into the van to get "Clicket". Clicket was an easy baby so I didn't have to worry much. But it suddenly hit me that I don't have anymore potties. Then I realize, that I had to be vigilante with her doing her "pee pee". She happily followed me into the van after saying bye bye to her daddy. We got back to my place and she ran in to play with Shan. Later we went to the garden and she helped me water... and she is a good "sprinkler" hehehe... she insisted on watering all my plants. I just had to make sure she didn't shower herself as we didn't have an extra change of clothes. About 11am, I packed her into the van and we went to Gilly's ballet school. I had to signed Gilly up for ballet. All the moms in there were curious who was this little caucasian girl following me. I jokingly said "oh,. she is my russian daughter". They were shocked and I quickly told them "Since Greg is in Kindergarten, I decided to adopt a Russian baby". I added "I didn't want to go the China route you know".. They laughed and looked like the bought my story. I quickly told them that I was babysitting for a friend. After 45 minutes, it was my turn with the teacher and when I sat down, Clicket decided to climb up my chair and Mrs King asked if I knew the girl behind me. I laughed and said "She's my Russian daughter." She looked amazed and ask "Are you serious?" I turned around to Clicket and said "Clicket, say Hi to Gilly's ballet teacher." Clicket did precisely that and that shocked Mrs King. "K" and I had a good laugh at it. The joke behind it was once I had Clicket on a shopping cart in Target and this white lady gave me a weird look. I realized why she gave me that look as its a common thing to see a white lady with a Chinese baby but not a Chinese lady with a white baby. Clicket was enchanted by this pastel pink/blue tutu and kept asking for that costume. It was on sale for $25 which is a bargain considering the original price was $65. In her baby language she pointed to the dress and said "Clicket dance" with her hands up in the air and she did her turn. It was so cute. It was a nice thing to have a 2 year old around the house. Its been 3 years since I had a 2 year old and trying to understand her is a hoot.. She kept saying "cookie" when I asked what she wanted for lunch. And when I repeat cookie to her.. she said NO. Only her mummy would understand her. I'm glad I'm done with babies cos at 39... it can be tiring.. hahahaha... shhh!!!! I took a nap while she watched Cailou and then I took a nap after I sent her home. The kids got home from school and we all went down to the basement to play. Then I realize that Clicket should fit into Gilly's old ballet costumes. We dug thru her trunk and found one... Clicket was so happy when we put that piece of tutu on her. She ended up going home in that outfit and the reaction on her older sister was priceless.

Clicket in her ballet dress

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August 27, 2008

First Day of School

First day of school went well. It was only 2 1/2 hours which seem short but chaotic as we were all trying to get use to the bus schedules. Greg and Gilly are not in the same bus this year. The school separates the Kindergarten kids which is nice as its not intimidating sitting with the bigger kids. Two days before school, he had school orientation where he met his teacher and his classmates for the first time. He loved it there and was so excited to go back to school by Wednesday. That was also the day we dropped off school supplies which I like as its just too much for a kiddo his size to handle by himself.
Greg with school supplies.

Greg getting ready for school orientation 2 days before school.

They both woke up at 7 a.m. and was so excited. They quickly had their breakfast and was so ready for school. Gilly had to take some school supplies by herself and I dropped off the rest later as it was just too much for her too. This time round, I remembered to label Greg so that he won't be lost. I forgot to do it for Gilly on her first day of Kindergarten. Their bus pickup time are only 10 minutes apart so its just easy to get both of them out at the same time.

Gilly and Greg waiting for their buses.

Gilly about to get on her bus.

Gilly can't wait to jump into the bus!

Greg's turn to wait for his bus.

Greg waits for his turn to get into the bus. Hurry up lady!!

Finally with both kids off to school, the house was eeriely quiet. I was kinda enjoying the silence and yet still missed their noise. I guess I've got accustom to their noise. What did I end u doing? I was busy on the phones as I had nice girlfriends who called to see how I was faring as they knew my baby was away from for the first time. Before I knew it, they were home and the house was noisy again. I had lots of paperwork to read and checks to write.

Greg back from school.

Gilly's back from school too!!

Its been a week since they started school and my life has changed alot. I know just can walk out of the house without having anyone tagging along. I just got to get used to closing all the windows by myself and putting the dog in his cage by myself... I do miss them helping me get ready to go out... hmm.... something to get used to... but I'll survive.

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August 20, 2008

(that's how the house sounds)

All I can hear is the water splashing from my outdoor fountain.... The house is so quiet... The house is way too quiet..... I'm lost....... I've cleaned the garbage can.... Now what do I do???????
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August 19, 2008

My son is leaving me!!!

Isn't he handsome in this photo? Greg just turned 5 last month and he will be hitting a milestone tomorrow. He will be going to Kindergarten and he is jumping into that "cool" yellow bus tomorrow. For the last 4 years since he was a baby, he would get all excited seeing his sister get on that bus and finally he has his turn tomorrow. After 12 wonderful and sometimes stressful weeks of summer vacation(what vacation, I was a fulltime referee with both kids fighting all the time), both my kids will be heading to school tomorrow.
3 nights ago, in my dream I told myself, "you can go for pancake breakfast with your girls now" and within a few seconds, I realized in my sleep that for the rest of my life, I've lost my best buddy. That buddy who was a leech that stuck to me 24/7... he won't be with me constantly anymore. I've been dreaming for the last 8 years of some quiet and "me" time and now that its here, I'm having mixed feelings. I'm happy my baby is now going to school, I've done my part as a mom to change his diaper, feed him, take him to the park or to the zoo all those years and he is so eager to go to school, and yet I'm sad that I'm losing that one constant person that is always with me... he was always there to show me I'm needed... and now I'm not needed for 5 hours a day. OK.. OK... I guess I am allowed to be a pity potty for a few minutes. I do know that I will do my happy jiggle when they get on the bus... but I do know I'm going to shed a few tears when Greg gets on the bus. I'm entitled to that feeling...
What will be doing with my new free 5 hours when Greg is in school? I have a few plans and hopefully I'll follow through with them. I will have 1 hour with Greg before Gilly gets home so maybe my best buddy and I can goof around abit... oh yeah... dream on... there is homework!!!!
I've been "begging" Greg to stay home with me... here are a few of our conversations:
Me: Greggy, can you stay home with mummy?
Greg: No, mummy, I want to go to school.
Me: Don't you want play with me?
Greg: I want to go to school, school is fun
Me: Greg, I know you don't want to go to school, you love to stay with mummy.
Greg: Mummy, I love going to school.
Me: I know you love school but you love mummy even more.
Greg: But I want to go to school to learn
Another time:
Me: Hey, why don't you stay home with me.
Greg: No, I need to go to school
Me: I'll be so bored, nobody to play with me and bug me.
Greg: Mummy, you play with Shan Shan
Me: But Shan just sleeps all the time
Greg: Why don't you throw the bone at Shan
Yesterday's conversation after his school orientation...
Me: Greggy, I'm going to lock you in your closet so you can't go to school
Greg: No mummy, I love the school. Its so fun, I like my teacher. I want to go to school mummy.
Today's conversation...
Me: Greg, I'm going to let you sleep at midnight, you can play with the computer. We can play Wii fit and Mario Kart, you can watch TV all night long.
Greg: (puzzle and amazed look) wow.. I can play computer???
Gilly: (giggles) Greg, mummy is trying to trick you!! She wants you to sleep late so you wake up late and don't go to school.
Greg: Mummy, No I'm going to go to bed early. I have to wake up to go to sc hool.
Later in Costco...
Me: Greg, how about this... if you stay home and not go to school, I will buy you one big big big bag of M&Ms...
Greg: (he ran over to touch that big big bag of M&Ms)... I want to go to school! (he folded his hands and walked away from the M&Ms)
Oh well... at least I tried.. hehehe....
I know my baby is ready for school as he wasn't one bit shy when we went to his new class for his orientation. And I'll be on my new adventure with 5 hours of freedom.
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August 11, 2008

What is the bigger picture??

My neighbor, D (2 doors away), had delivered a baby boy end of May. We always assume that we would all bring home a healthy baby. D however knew earlier than her son would have some challenges. I wasn't aware of it until I notice that she and her hubby wasn't home. Only then did I find out from her mom that the baby had complications. Even when I saw D later, she briefed me about her son's situation and yet, I didn't realize how serious was the situation.

Her son has
Charge Syndrome. I never heard of it until I Googled it. I remember feeling horrified when I realized what was thrown into D's way. This is something you dont' wish even on someone you hate whatmore your friend. I hate to say this but Down Syndrome would be an easier diagnosis than what D's son has.

Little D has progress pretty well but he is still not well enough to leave NICU to come home. Her previous entry had mentioned he may come home on Monday but today, when I read her latest entry, explained what went on during the weekend and little D won't be home. D has learnt not to plan too much these days. She says "Plans, who needs them anyway, right? Nothing in life really turns out as you plan them!"

She has alot of support from family and friends. Everyone has been praying for them. I do keep little D in my prayers and hope he gets to go home pretty soon. I know he is a fighter and so is his mom and dad. I just hope God gives them a good break. They need more good news and good outcome when it comes to Little D. Little D has a 2 year old sister (K) and she too has been affected by it. I just can't imagine how D feels everytime she has to leave K behind because she has to go to the hospital to be with Little D. No mother should have to feel guilty that she has to spend all the time in the hosp with a baby and having to leave the other child at home or with grandma. We always assume we would bring home a newborn and let the baby bond with the sibling.
What I've learnt in from D's situation,
  • Dont' wish for a certain gender, just be grateful for a healthy child,
  • Be thankful for everything. Even tiny little thing like our child having finish their milk or meal.
  • God sure has his way with things, one day he will throw something good at you and another day... it may be something bad but he has his plans we just don't understand

Alright .. sorry for my rambling.. reading her journal entry just made me frustrated. I've been wanting to blog about D and her situation but today I am finally rambling... I would love to add her link here but I dont' have her permission as she doesn't know about my blog... Its a lovely journal as it tells you of how amazing this family is during this difficult time.. it shows us how vunerable and strong anyone can be... so if you have time, do find out more about Charge Syndrome. Please keep D and her family, especially little D in your prays...

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August 6, 2008

My Wii Fit

I finally got my Wii Fit, thanks to my niece who had lined up for hours at the store. How is my Wii Fit, its such a cool and cute device. I'm amazed at how innovative these techie guys are at inventing something like this for us lazy bumps to exercise.

I just love the fact it helps track my weight and tells me how unfit I am. It allows me to set a goal on weight loss for a period of weeks or months as I see fit. So far my machines has called me a couch potato. It says I've a body of a 59 year old person and I'm embarassed to announce my BMI.. so you take a guess if its overweight or obese. Please don't use the comments to play a guessing game... hmm... maybe I should disable the comment for this entry. hahahahaha. It guides me with my balance when I'm doing yoga. I love that hula hoop that makes me make 300 spins. I hate it when I cant' balance and get my head hit by shoes at that football goalie game. The more minutes I spend exercising on it, it opens up newer and harder exercises for me.

Last friday, I paid a visit to my endocrinologist. Do not ask me why I went to see this old man who is very slow paced , mellow personality. I've seen him since I was pregnant with Gilly. I just trust him enough to go get my blood drawn by him. For those of you that know me well, you know how I hate needles.. hate is a very mellow word when it comes to my distaste for needles. We were talking about me and losing weight and I told him about my new toy.. He had a good laugh at the comments I get from my Wii Fit. He is the cool and calm type of person and is one that seldom laughs (the most you see is a smile from him). He was curious at all the functions of the wii Fit. He gave me the usual card for me to call in to listen to the results of my blood work.

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the whole day in the Shedd Aquarium. When I got home, I saw on my caller ID that the hospital called. I got kinda worried as calls from Hosp usually didn't mean good news. This morning I called that 1-800 number to see what was going on.. to only get my blood work results... PLUS my doctor asking me for that device that I told him about because he wanted to get it for HIMSELF. He usually records the results and not call me. That's why when I saw he called, I got worried. I had a good laugh at that.. He wants a wii Fit. I'll will have to call and tell his nurse that its called Wii Fit.

If you are interested, here is a video I found on Youtube showing what a Wii Fit does...

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August 4, 2008

Be Nice To Me Or I'll Blog About You!!!

Last Saturday, as we had breakfast at McD's. Now, don't lecture me on how unhealthy it is to have McD for breakfast. I just love their Sausage McMuffins with Eggs and their hashbrowns. Greg asked me to finish his hashbrowns and when I took a bite, Gilly said "Mummy, you are eating more than us!" I smiled and pointed to my T-shirt and told her "Read this."

My t-shirt basically said "Be nice to me or I'll blog about you". Gilly giggled the moment she read it. Then Greg proceeded to say, yeah mummy, you are bigger than us. I turned to him and said "Read this" and continued... "oh you dont' read".. Gilly quickly said, "Greg you better be nice to her or she will blog about you." Greg laughed and said, "she always blogs about me."

Oh well, I guess the shirt is a warning to others but not my kids. It won't work. hahahaha ...I did wear that t-shirt to church and to a family function on Sunday... Good enough a warning??? *giggles*
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Stylish Ballerina

Gilly in tap outfit

Gilly in ballet costume

In June, I blogged about Gilly's ballet recital and a few weeks ago, we got to see photos taken from the formal photo session. Here is my money's worth, her sweet smile makes it worth paying $60 per costume. hahahaha... shall I say she wants jazz and tap next year and that would make 3 costumes??? arghhhhhhh....

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