April 30, 2010

Thinking of you today my baby

Thinking of you today my sweet... I can imagine you enjoying this song....
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April 27, 2010

The Birds and Bees Talk to my 10 year old girl.

My Gilly is will be 10 years old, my firstborn will be in the double digits in August. How a decade has passed so fast. I was talking to my girlfriend this morning about how Gilly, at 1 1/2 years old, would keep me on my toes with her energy. She would be into anything and everything without fear that every week, we would have a bruise somewhere on her face or hands and I pray DCFS doesn't come knocking on my door.
While on spring break, I got an email from the school. It was about how the 4th graders will be attending the "Human Growth and Develpment Program". My eyes rolled, great, now I've to make sure I talk to her about the Birds and the Bees before the school does. I did buy a book and was pondering, notice the word pondering, when I should show her the book. And now I've a DATELINE. Gosh, why did they have to break it to me when I'm enjoying myself in Canada.
The school gave us a date where parents were welcome to come and have a preview of what the kids will see. Being a first time mom, I made myself go eventhough I was exhausted. It was worth it as the school nurses were there to answer our questions. They basically said it was about the body development, stressing about personal hygiene. They told us they would be as brief and truthful to the kids but would divert our children's questions back to us so we the parents would decide how much information we want to give our kids. We were told the boys and girls will be separated which is good.
I ran to Borders last Saturday to look for a book called "What's happening to my body", which has a boy or a girl version. The lady at borders told me that the American Girl's book is a better reference, I quickly browsed through it and figured why not since Gilly reads American Girl stories. At the same time I grabbed the boy version of the "What's happening to my body" as I figured I might as well buy them now instead of running out for it in 3 years time for Greg.
I gave the book to Gilly and told her to read it by herself. She gave me this weird look and took the book to her room. I told her to read it page to page and not to skip any pages. About 10 minutes later she came in with a "mummy, this is yucky" statement. She showed me what she meant, it was a cartoon showing the changes in the breast. I told her its not yucky and just a way of life. She can't all of a sudden have boobs popping out but slowly grow outwards. Now, was I peeing in my pants? No, but it was uncomfortable but I had to bite my tongue and the stop the urge to run, and made it as casual as I could. Later she came asking where was the uterus. Next day she came to ask if using tampons was uneasy.
My friends, this week has been a very interesting week, as I'm really on unchartered terrority. So help me God that I survive through the part where she asks me about LOVE MAKING!!!! I do have the book called "Where Did I Come From" all ready for that.
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April 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010 (part 2)

This was our view from the room, made us not want to leave the room. I'm glad I don't live nearby or I may just take this view for granted.
Here is our family photo taken at our hotel room. Kids love to sit by the window with their binocular trying to zoom into the falls.
Here's a photo of the kids with their Seh-Han-Ee-Poh (youngest grand aunt from Mom's side of the family). Somehow the kids just love to climb on the "telescope" I don't know what is their fascination about it.
The kids with their Uncle Josh, yes he is an Uncle to them. He is certainly very old. hahahaha
Greg was scared of the glass view at CN Tower in Toronto. He had to hold dad's hand for awhile but after that.... hahaha.... he was having fun.
See the ground view, yes a very very long fall, 342 meters or 1,122 feet fall.
Kids are pretending to be petrified. Yeah, like really petrified.
Greg with his favorite binoculars, he is busy studying what's down below.
This cracks me up because Dad's shirt looks almost the same as the sky.
Whenever we visit Toronto, we would stay at Richmond Hills which is near all the chinese eateries. We had dimsum at one restaurant and then later we went back there for dinner because they had Peking duck there. sorry no photos of the food as we just chowed down the food before I realize I could take any photo.
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April 21, 2010

Twitter Party Hosted By Chicago Moms Blog and Chevrolet

April 11th was an exhausting day for me, the whole week was exhausting as the kids were on spring break and I had guests from London. I was invited to a Twitter Party which was hosted by Chicago Moms Blog(SV Moms group) and Chevy. I just couldn't pass this invitation. It would be my first blogger's event. I was excited and yet nervous. You know little fish in a big ocean.
I said bye to my aunt and let hubby drive her to the airport while I drove downtown to the event. I didn't know what to expect except there were butterflies in my stomach. I was late for the roundtable discussion but managed to hear the end of it. The organizers and moderators, Jill Asher and Linsey Krolik, guided the conversation about how we bloggers and brands can work together in the new world of social media. Brands have realized how we bloggers can vocalize our opinions about their goods and services these days and our tiny voices can be heard by many in the world of internet.
After the roundtable discussion, we got to meet the brands personally, it was an interesting to learn about the new products and I made some new friends. I found another blogher The goodies we brought home was AWESOME. I had a few extra that I "won" from turning the wheels. I love wheels!!
I've always heard of bloggers events/convention but coming to one was definitely an eye opener. Its one thing to read somebody's blog but to actually see a person and know they are fellow bloggers just like you is another thing. I'm grateful I've a friend who is big time blogger, she encourages me to blog, and to be in a room full of bloggers was certainly a good learning experience.
These are the goodies I brought home minus Garrett Popcorn that was devoured almost immediately. Thank you to the sponsors/brand :

I'd also like to thank Jill Asher and Linsey Krolik from SVMomsGroup and MJ for such a wonderful event.
Disclosure: I was invited to the event by the SV Moms groups. We got goodies, food, and parking.

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April 10, 2010

Spring Break 2010

The gorgeous photo was our sunrise view from our room for 2 mornings. It was a lovely sight. I've been to Niagara Falls for 5 times and this was our first experience waking up in Niagara Falls. We drove almost 8 hours from Chicago to Niagara with my aunt and cousin from London. We were lucky to have nice warm weather while we were in Niagara.
Daddy, Gilly, Greg & Uncle J
We stayed in the hotel that was higher up from the Niagara Parkway Road, we didn't want to walk all the way down and took the shortcut via their "rail" which cost us a bit. (we noticed with our wallets, everything in Niagara cost something) but the view going down was spectacular... as the photo below shows)
Gilly, Greg and Uncle J at the Falls.
It was the kids 2nd time to Niagara Falls but this round, they appreciated it more as they were much older (5 years older). The could understand how water erroding the soil and how the falls would move further in ... in future.
Gilly right next to the Falls.
Because we visited Niagara in April, we were unable to go on the "Maid of the Mist" ride. They start their rides only mid-May. That would give my aunt another reason to come back to Niagara in future. Especially Uncle J with his wife for their honeymoon... *wink* *wink*
Kids posing for mama...
Nightview of the Falls...
to be continued........
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