March 26, 2008

My Pure Holy One!!!

Last weekend was truly a blessed time for us. My hubby was baptised, received his first communion and confirmed all at the same time. Yes, he is now a Catholic. The kids and I are very proud of him. Gilly can't believe her dad is receiving holy communion before her. hahaha...
Hubby did go to a Chinese Catholic School all those years before his high school days. He did go thru all the religion classes and even for Mass but he never converted. He would bring us to church every Sunday and never complain about it. He would sleep thru sermons sometimes and wait for 2 hours while Gilly was at CCD and he never made a fuss. Finally this Fall he signed up for RCIA and after 5 months of classes, he got the "package". I jokingly told him how lucky he was compared to us kids as we had to go thru cathecism for years.
So for now.. I told him he is "Holey" hahahaha....
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March 13, 2008

PJ Pants

I bought this sewing maching from Costco about 8 years ago when Gilly was still a baby. I bought it on at the spur of the moment. I didn't know how to sew with just needle and thread whatmore a sewing maching. My aunt (Tua Ee) laughed at me when she saw me drag the sewing maching to pay. I've sinced learnt that I can do a straight line so my first attempt was Gilly's bedroom curtain. You could see it was amateur work. I did make myself a camera bag and a knitting bag.

I finally decided to try sewing some PJ pants. Hey.. pants tat if its so ugly nobody would know since you only wear them at night to bed. So.. I bought some cheap flannel and made Greg and Gilly some pants. They turned out ok... but I had learnt from those pants what not to do next.

Here are the latest pants I made for Gilly with cloth I bought on sale $2/yard. Cupcake pants was easy as the cupcakes were all over the place. I messed up on the Ballerina prints as the ballerinas were standing... I ended up making the ballerinas upside down... I was kicking myself after I realize my mistake.. too late, I had already cut the cloth. I just have to laugh about this pants everytime I see it.

Cupcake Pants

Ballerina Pants

Gilly was so sweet when she tried both pants on. She loved it and notice it was a better job this time. Then when she put on her Ballerina Pants, she looked at her pants.. and said "Mummy, when I look down, the ballerinas are just perfect for me." I guess she was right, our looking at upside down ballerina was rightside up for her looking at it down towards her pants. I guess I didn't mess up too bad. And everytime I see this pants, I'll remember no matter what, our kids just love the fact we did something for them.
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March 11, 2008

Skipping Hippos Ponchos @

Now, these are the cutest ponchos I've ever seen. I want one for myself too (if I could squeeze in one). Go to momviews to have a look at them and even try winning one for your cute little girls.
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Instant Rendang Mix

Last Saturday was our usual weekend errand running day. From Soccer to Costco to ToysRus and finally we got home at 4pm. I still had to cook dinner and didn't know what to cook. Since I had cut up some chicken, I decided to try cooking one of the rendang mix that I had received a few weeks ago from

In less than 20 min, I had my dinner ready for me and hubby. Yes, I couldn't wait to try the food as it smelled so good. I loved it, it had enough zing to it that made my tongue heat up.

Cooking it was easy as the instruction was easy and simple. Only 3 steps to it.
1) Heat up oil and sautee the mix,
2) Add chicken and cook for 15 min
3) Pour coconut milk and stir. Cook for 3 min.

Isnt' that easy? Even for a beginner cook or someone who has never cooked curry, this is easy.

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Gum !!!

Both my kids are now into Gum, even my Greg who always forget to take things out from his pocket. You must know where I'm going now... yes, he forgot to throw away the gum like I always tell him to do. When Daddy did laundry, Daddy did his usual routine to only later find out the dryer is streaked with gum. Yes Gum and who has to clean that dry gum??? MUMMY!!!! Yehaa!!!! The best job in the world is to stick one's head into the dryer and clean up gum.

I started by scrapping it off with just my fingernails. I got bored and called my friend to laugh about the gum (what can I do, cry about it?) So, with my head in the dryer, butt sticking out, I had my conversation with my gf. Thank God I did, cos she gave me an idea on removing of Gum. She told me to try ice. Rubbing ice on gum would work was what she said. I was desperate as I didn't want to break my nails. So up I ran to my kitchen still armed with my partner in crime on the phone. I got my ice and started the "Ice Rub". To my delight it worked!!! So there you go... To remove gum... try rubbing ice on it.

Partial view of my dryer filled gum.
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