September 20, 2008

This is the Bestest Lunch!!!

Since Greg has started Kindergarten, I have 5 hours to myself and somedays I'm on the phone too much and I've started volunteering at school. I keeps me busy for an hour and a chance to get out of the house without going shoppinmg. Yesterday, I did Hot Lunch for the Kindergarteners. It was my first after 3 years as I could not volunteer for Gilly's class when Greg was still a baby. After some chaos, we managed to grab the basket filled with Cheese Pizza, Fruit cup and fruit roll ups. Simple easy food which we take for granted. This was thei kindergartener's first Hot Lunch experience and I was glad I got to see one of their school "first" moments. The kids knew it was hot lunch as they all didn't have to pack their lunchbag. They, anxiously stared at the door for us to enter. After distributing all the food, they opened their box and started chomping on their pizza.... and one girl shouted out.. "this is the bestest lunch I've had in school!!" and that started the ball rolling. Each and every kid were jumping in their seat, legs kicking under their table... getting all excited that they have so much food for lunch. "I love this pizza!", "I want this for every day!!!!", and Greg said "this is super yummy". I was so tickled at their excitement. I know, having cold sandwich everyday is a monotony and a simple cheese pizza just brightens any child's day. It's a good thing that the school does Hot Lunch once a month. One boy decided that he would drink all his milk, finish his pizza and when it came to the fruit cup, he just drank the syrup and not eat the fruit. I asked him if he loves the syrup only and he said "mummy says to drink lots of liquid." I just could help but laugh out loud. He gave me a mischevious grin. Kids and their common sense... I'll look forward to next month's hot lunch as you never know what can happen.



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