December 2, 2008

This Threw Me Off My Seat

Come December is when I start knitting furiously as I love giving away scarves for Christmas... and when i do this, I love to "listen" to TV on the sofa. Scrolling on my comcast remote... I saw on the program... PBS Great Performance: Hitman David Foster & Friends... and I selected it. Right away, I heard someone sing the ending part of St.Elmo's Fire song... and next Katherine McPhee came on (I ran and quickly switched on the amplifier).. and oh my... her voice... her pretty face and her pretty voice... it has surely grown.. I was impressed as the last I saw her was the final of American Idol where she "lost". I just love what I saw as she certainly has improved and now looks professional... Like a Mom that is proud of her child... I was proud to see how much she has grown professionally... I "YouTubed" her on this special.. and found her clip... plus my favorite Renee Olstead... so enjoy what I did last night.....
p/s.. I don't usually buy DVDs.. I'm thinking of getting this DVD as it has a great list of singers performing. (damn public library doesn't have it or I'd borrow it)


Geraldine on 08 January, 2009 14:10 said...

darn it, the video is no more available becos of copyright. Duh!! If I'd not seen the show on PBS, I would not have bought the DVD. I would think if someone had seen this on youtube, they may also like me go buy ur DVD and you profitting from it!!!!

Just my opinion


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