May 19, 2009

I am now 40!!!

Atomic Cake
Its been almost 2 weeks and into my 2nd week of being 40. Yes, the big FOUR ZERO. I'm all excited as I will be meeting up with my elementary-highschool classmates in a June and we will all be celebrating our big 40. The last time we did a big celebration was for our quarter of century. Gosh, its been 15 years...
It's a tall cake!!!
How am I feeling being 40? I love it. I didn't have any big celebration as usual. Maybe I'll do something when I turn 50... hehehe.. My girlfriend S asked what I was going to do on my birthday, and I quickly told her I was going to my favorite Nursery to buy my annual plants. Yes, I usually remove all the passenger seats in my minivan and fill it up with plants and that I surely did on my birthday.
On the eve of my birthday, K, S and I had lunch at Red Robins(hmmm delicious burgers!!!). The girls decided to go to the nursery as well. I certainly enjoyed myself, the flowers were lovely and the rose aisle smell so good. No, no rose plants called me this time, my wallet was spared.. hehehehe
K and I not wasting any cake.
Now, the bold thing I did this time was I ordered my own birthday cake. It must be about being 40 because I would not have dared to get my own cake previous years. This year, I told myself that I might as well order a cake I would eat instead of waiting for hubby. Last 2 years, my kids and hubby ate all my cake and I just smiled and watched them enjoy it. I was all excited because a few months ago, at a friends birthday, I had this delicious cake with toppings that wasn't SWEET. For weeks, I kept telling myself that I should get myself that cake. I asked the lady that bought the cake and she told me where to get the cake.. any readers reading this and you live in Chicago.. its Weber Bakery. The cake I got was called "Atomic" cake. Atomic it certainly was.
I got my gfs to come over to enjoy the cake. I was more excited about the eating the cake then the it being my birthday cake. You can see from the photo, my gf and I cleaning up even the plastic wrap.. hehehehe OH..... I forgot to mention that after driving almost 2 hours to and from the Nursery.... it took me another 2 hours just to get the cake when the kids got home. K asked what I was doing for dinner and all I said "I dont' know, I think the cake is the main entree and the dinner... I'll think about it later" hahahaha...
I had a fun Birthday this year with my family and friends... and I know I am going to have a blast in my 40s !!!!!


Beachlover on 22 May, 2009 22:12 said...

Happy Belated 40th Birthday!!

junoqua on 24 May, 2009 08:58 said...

Life begins at 40 dear. Welcome to the club! :)


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