June 2, 2009

End of Kindergarten for Gregory

It has been an interesting year for Greg. It started out with him being in Kindergarten and I'm happy that my son reads books. He has started addition and now I can't trick him about things I read on the internet. His teachers tells me that he is a joy to have in a class. He has no problems making friends and loves to play with his classmates. He is the ever confident boy who dares to wear pink to school. I was surprise the next time he put on the pink shirt eventhough he shed a bit of tears the first time he got teased for wearing pink to school.

His favorite ride, the school bus

I remember the day he started school, how enthusiastic he was and how he would resist temptation of a 2lb M&Ms bag. His zest for school never faded and even the last day of school, he told me he would miss school during summer. He just doesn't realize that Mummy MISSES school even MORE!!!!!

Greg with bus driver who is always smiling.

Greg started T-ball season in May. It was hard for me with piano lessons and all but we managed to move our schedule around to make sure he got to the field on time. Dad loves watching baseball and I guess it rubbed onto him. He was all excited when we signed him up for T-ball. He has improved quite abit since day 1, trust me when I say Day 1 because we never played ball with him. I don't understand the game and I doubt I would but I would sit on the bleechers and cheer him when he runs or hits.. but don't count on me figuring out the game and its points. Coach tells me something about Inning.. and to me its just a word without any meaning. hahaha... Greg has managed to hit a few balls without the need for the T.

Greg trying to hit the ball, see his facial expression?

He has the funniest expression when he is hitting the ball. He tells me that he has to do it to scare the guy throwing the ball. I don't know what made him think that way.. but hey... I get a kick out of seeing him and his funny face.

Waiting for the ball with his ready mode.

Unfortunately for the little one, we leave for our vacation in a few days and he will miss out on the last 5 games for the season. He got to say his byes to his teammate and coach who has been awesome. He sure has the patience to deal with 10 kindergarteners and teaching them the ropes of the game. Thanks coach... you have made Greg's 1st baseball experience a memorable one.

Greg with Coach


Anonymous said...

Haha!Greg's facial expression is so funny & cute! :p



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