October 30, 2009

Me, My Girl and Nancy Drew

Gilly and Greg in Singapore
My Gilly is now 9, and in a few years, she will be a teenager. Yes those raging hormonal teenagers. I'm not looking forward to it. Why? I was once one. Boy... I don't remember many events but somehow it leaves me with a uneasy feeling. My mom most probably will remember how much I tortured her. Gilly loves reading and every alternate week, I would have to take her to the library to borrow books. I've come to realize if she has books to read, she would not get into trouble as she quietly sits and read. For my own sanity, its just best I force myself to take her to the library. Its been more than 6 months and I've always asked her to try reading Nancy Drew books, she loves Little House on the Prairie and those olden day books. I wanted her to have a wider range of books to read, including mystery books. But everytime I ask her to read Nancy Drew, she tells me she doesn't like it. Last week, she came rushing into the house after school announcing she borrowed Nancy Drew book from the school library. I was pleasantly surprised, and proceeded to ask her what made her borrow the book. Her answer... "my friend, so-and-so, has finished reading the series and tells me its very good". I replied, "Oh, that's good"... and while she was ransacking the fridge, the internal conversation I had ... "damn, haven't I been asking you to read this book.. and you said NO, cos you don't like it. And now your so called friend says its nice, you decide to read it. Gees, I guess you don't need your Mommy anymore". Great, I realize, its payback time for all the crap my mom had to put up with me when I was a raging hormonal teenager. Hmmm... she is only 9. Gosh, I really am "looking" forward to having a teenager for a daughter. I pray I will not be in the mental hospital before she turns 21.



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