February 10, 2010

Valentine Day Crayons

My kids school has this crazy policy for treat bags, NO FOOD just trinkets for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's parties in schoool. Now how many of us can afford to buy tiny cheapo quality toys from Party stores that will cost a bomb especially if you have more than 1 kid in school. It was just cheaper to buy chocolates and candies. The most affordable thing to get a kid are stickers, tattoos and pencils. And I'm sick of pencils as I have tonnes of them now.
This Valentine's Day, I decided to try being abit of a Martha Stewart. I ran and bought a cookie mold (smaller size) and since I have alot of leftover crayons, I got the kids to help unwrap the crayons, break them to smaller sizes, mix them into the mold and melt them at 350ºF for 6-7 minutes. Let it cool in room temperature or put it in the fridge to cool faster. Use a straw to mix the melted crayon to get the swirl effect. It turned out cute and interesting. Each new crayon is unique.
Maybe you could try this out for your kids' next party.. just remind the kid that its a crayon and not a candy. Gilly's ballet teacher had to scream out to a girl NOT to EAT it.
Here is the easy to read instructions:-
What you need:
Cookie mold (metal or silicone, smaller shapes will be easy for handling)
Leftover crayon (remove wrappers)
Straw or toothpick
Preheat oven to 350ºF
Break the crayons
Put crayons into individual molds.
Bake in heated oven for 6-7 minutes (when you take it out, becareful as the crayons are melted i.e in liquid form)
Use a straw and slowly stir the melted crayon for swirl effect
Let it cool in room temp or put into the refrigerator for a quick cool
For color coordination, if you want funky ones you can use any colors if not, use colors from the same group, like blues with greens or red with orange.



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