August 19, 2010

Start of New School Year

Summer holidays are over, the kids are back to school again after almost 12 weeks of no school and homework. We had a nice summer lazing around the house and having an awesome roadtrip. But it was just time for them to go back to structured textbook learning. So, here are my kids getting on their schoolbus. I hit a milestone moment today, my Gilly told me not to take photo of her getting on her bus. I was surprise as I didn't expect that from her but I guess she is growing up (she is a 5th grader). I was the only parent at that stop that had a camera... heck the other mom was sitting on her chair and didn't even walk her girls cross the street to the bus stop.

Gilly going to school

Greg wish summer holidays are not over. He claims school is boring. He won't get to play with his toads. They both have been playing with toads as there is plenty of supply of them from my garden. I cracked up when I realize one of them was Papa Joe. They actually named those darn ugly toads.

Greg's school supply list for 2nd grade says he need to bring in a calculator. I gave him the same speech I did with Gilly. "Greg, you are not allowed to do your math homework in school. If I catch you doing that, I will scan your homework, deleted all your answers and print 10 copies of it and make you redo them 10 times!" Hopefully that will scare him enough to not to use that calculator on his 12 + 23 addition.

Greg off to school.

The kids are now on different buses, Gilly has moved to intermediate school while Greg is still in the same elementary school. Gilly told me she had butterflies in her stomach before she stepped into the new building but it all turned out fine. I told her mummy flew halfway around the world to come to USA to study and I only knew a handsful of people here when I first came, so its just natural to be anxious but it will be fine.

I now have 4 hours of quiet time.... my hubby expects house to be spotless and dinner on the table when he steps in.. hahaha yeah right... dreams....

ciao for now....


Anonymous said...

Lamanya cuti sekolah sampai 3 bulan...kalau di Malaysia macam belajar kat Universiti...itu pun 1 bulan setengah saja.... seronoklah mereka pergi holiday trip...sebab tu malas dah nak pergi sekolah...


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