January 10, 2011

Hair Clips with legs

My dad used to claim "things in my house has legs". In recent months, I too have notice that things in my house has legs especially my hair clips. Yesterday, I had my haircut and since I can't tie my hair, I would need to clip my front. There I go to my drawer to get me one, and there were NONE. I asked Gilly if she took my clip and with conviction, she said "NO, I didn't touch them". Now, that started to irritate my early morning. I told her she better start hunting for my clips or she would be in trouble. 30 minutes later, she comes down with a handsful of clips. It was apparently all over her room. Ha!!! Like I'm a 41 year old senile woman who is imagining her clips walking. She is banned from using my clips for now. Let see how long before my clips starts to sprout legs again.



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