July 30, 2007

Birth of Jane of All Trades

Wow, I finally made it. Jane of All Trades, Master of All is now here. A few of my friends have been encouraging me to blog and finally I caved. I guess I'm now a blogger. Often I wondered what I could write in a blog. I know I'm a good cook and always drool at a few of my favorite food-guru/bloggers and know I can't even compare to them. I guess I could write about my kids and my kids and my kids and my kids... and BORE the heck out of the few readers that I will attract. OH..well... No harm in trying to blog. It will be an interesting journey for me to see what I can write.

I love to learn new things and today a little parcel arrived. You see, about 3 years ago after moving into my first owned home and tried my hand at gardening... my garden is betting pretty and now I've decided to try making my own compost. So, a few weeks ago I ordered some redworms and they arrived today. Forced my poor tired hubby to drill holes in a plastic container and shredded some newpaper... The worms now have their new home. I hope I don't kill them and already my kids have sneaked into the box and took the out. We shall see if I can master worm composting.. hahaha... lets us all pray.

Well that's all for my 1st entry. I'll add some photos of my new family members in a later day.


MJ Tam on 31 July, 2007 19:29 said...

perfect...worms for baits too! hehe


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