August 3, 2007

Flowers in my Garden

I finally made myself take photos of my garden. I'm lucky to live in a townhome association that allows us to plant our own plants. Not only did I add colorful flowers, I pulled up almost 80% of the boring green that the builder planted. Fortunately I had a few friends who taught me alot about plants and soil. The ground was all clay soil and I was taught to mix coir into the soil and add mushroom compost and cow manure.

My mom was a avid garderner and she loved planting orchids, I used to joke about cutting those orchids and taking them to the wet market to sell and I guarantee you I could make $50 just from them as they were plenty. I've not had luck with orchids but I'm still lucky I've only killed about 10 plants. Enjoy the photos of my garden, I'll add more later when the plants are blooming.

This is the photo of my tiny garden that is between my driveway and my neighbor's. I pulled out the ugly green only shrub and added the Rose of Sharon.

This photo shows the walkway leading to my front door. I've bordered it with red impatients and I did pull out a few spireas and replaced them with boxwood and clematis. I hope my clematis will bush out even more. I just added it a year ago and it was a very tiny plant to begin.

This photo shows my front entryway. I've added the red hibiscus next to my little fountain. I just love the sound of the water pouring into its pot. Its so relaxing. I just love colors and want my entrance to be welcoming.

The next photo shows the side of my house. I've pulled a tree out and replaced it with a Rose of Sharon Tree. I've seen huge one so I know mine will be that size one day. I pulled out alot of the shrubs as I found that I'm allergic to them. Everytime I graze it, my poor leg itches. Off it went and there I just threw in some perinneals.

I replaced some boring spireas with roses. I've one that is called Voluptuous and its flowering now. Its not that fragrant but its bloom is full, hence its name. The other 2 bushes are of fragrant and I'll add them later.

I've a deck at the back and I love to plant some flowers in pots and hanging it on the railings. Here they are, I added a mint which I vow never to plant on ground as they will spread like weeds.


Anonymous said...

Wow....nice townhouse u have there wor!!!!

Admire u for having such patience and creativity to "decorate" ur garden! :P

Anonymous said...

You have really green fingers, like your mum.

Lovely flowers/garden and you really know your plants.

I suppose you gather I don't like gardening but I do like to have a lovely garden. :P

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful garden! Feel free to come over to mine to help me out ok? Every single flowering plant I had planted DIED!!! :P


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