October 2, 2007

Busy Busy Busy but Busy with What???

I've been very quiet for hmm... a long long time. I feel so guilty when I look at my blog and notice its still the same mooncake entry. hahaha. I guess my regular interest readers must be wondering if I'm alive or busy or sick as I've not breathe a word here.

I've to admit that I can't seem to find time to do everything. At the end of a Friday night, I'll look back at my week and wondered what I've produced. I'm shy to say... NOTHING!!!!

Yes, I did take the kids out on a rainy day on Sept 25th for them to walk around with their lantern. Nobody burnt their lantern as I was smart this time to use Playdoh to hold their candles. The kids got to only walk for 15 minutes as that was about the window period of dryness. Poor kids... its ok... we will save the rest of the lanterns for next year. Some of the kids didn't get to walk with us as they thought it would rain the whole time. I do have their photos but have not uploaded them. Will do so if they are any good.

I'm just basically the "Secretary of Transportation" these days.

Mondays, I send Greg to school for his 2 hour session, then I'm busy cooking dinner for Monday and Tuesday because I teach piano on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I run around doing errands and when Gilly gets home, I only have 15 minutes to deal with her snack and homework. Then my student arrives, by the time I'm done with 3 students, its dinner time and also check on Gilly's homework.

Wednesday is when I drive Greg to his Pre-school and later his Speech therapy and in between I'm cooking dinner. Then when Gilly gets home she has to snack and finish her homework before I drive her for her cartooning class. In 2 weeks her cartooning class ends and her Brownies begins. Yes she is a Brownie, just like I was during Primary school days.

Thursday is when I get to "relax" abit but that is when I try to catch up with housework and dinners for Thursday and Friday. Sigh... if only I can afford Molly Maid... dream lah....

Friday... that is where Greg has preschool then when Gilly comes home she dashed up to change to her ballet outfit and we rush out for Ballet.. and when we come home, I bring home another student for piano lessons. Then dinner.. that is when if I don't cook on Thursday, we just eat chinese fried rice. Chinese restaurant in my place is basically chop suey.. so we only order Fried rice and Singapore noodles.

Now... see when I look back at my week, it seems like I didnt' do anything or rather there is nothing to show of my "productivity". Yes, some of you are laughing thinking of me teaching piano. Alot of us went through hell during our young days preparing for the ABRSM and I guess my years of youth torture has paid off abit. I do enjoy teaching the few girls that I have. I don't charge alot as I do have my 2 kutus upstairs while I teach. I do not like the fact my kids have to stay in my room while I teach and decided to not take in anymore students. Occasionally my student will hear me scream at my kids to "SHUT UP" while I teach. Hey.. other places charges $15 per 30 minutes session so they are getting a deal. Its nice teaching these kids and knowing I'm not terrorizing them like how my teacher did to me. It took my college Professor to show me playing piano in a different light.

I notice cooking seem to be something that I have to do all the time. No wonder I'm so bulat.. haha

My 2 kutus are now fighting even more. Sometimes I wonder what I can do to lessen it. My boy has learnt to sit on his sister when they fight. He grunts alot now when he is angry and I just got 3 minutes of it this evening when I told him no more butter cake. Anyone with any good ideas?

Oh.. Gilly did come home with her 1st progress report and she did get all As. Since the C fiasco, she now gets scared if she gets a B. Am I asking too much? I've been asking myself this question alot these days. I don't want to push my kid too much. She has gotten used to her regular school schedule. I do have a timetable printed to help her remember what to do. At least now its all words. I remember during her early Kindergarten days, I had to use clipart pictures to represent, school bus or breakfast or bedtime stories.

The show "House" is starting and I guess I'll keep you posted with my activities later.. perhaps tomorrow??



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