October 30, 2007

My Hydrangea

I love plants and I guess I got that from my parents who love to go to nurseries when we were young. My mom loved orchids while I love anything that has color. I remember getting all excited when I first saw the blue hydrangeas. This ball of blue tat is so pretty, I notice that I do love delphiniums too which is also blue. I guess living in Malaysia, I never got to see so many blue plants thus appreciating their beauty now.

3 years ago, I managed to buy 4 of this macrophyllas from Home Depot for $15 each. Yes, when I planted them, I did pray that I didn't kill them. To me $15 for a plant is alot of moolah. The location I planted was at the side of my house and it slopes. And I guess because of this, 2 of my plants bloomed right from the start but the 2 that is at the higher elevation didn't. This spring, I asked someone from the nursery why my plants wasn't blooming and he told me it is most probably because all the nutrients are flowing down to the 2 bottom plants. I did raise the bed up and this year, my 2 "problematic" plants started blooming.

I finally managed to take some photos of my hydrangeas. I had to wait for weeks as it was always windy. Yes, remember Chicago is Windy city so we do get our fair share of wind in the suburbs. Even when I took these photos, it was still windy and that's why I had to hold the flower.

Now, I've to go learn how to prune my Nikko Blue Hydrangea. I've already learnt how to make change this flower from pink to blue. Hopefully I don't over prune it that there will be no flowers next year. I'll keep you posted with my experiment on Hydrangeas.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I love a beautiful garden but not a keen gardener. Not a gardener at all. Scream at the sight of earthworms! :)

Cat Cat on 30 October, 2007 21:40 said...

Wow, what a pretty flower... I like the blue color... Very nice.

Beachlover on 31 October, 2007 01:42 said...

oh!! I love hydrangea.Your hydrangea is soooo beautiful and cheap.I just bought a 5 gallon red hydrangea last month,hoping HD will reduce the price lower but still they don;t,so I go to Walmart.I love flowers but b4 I live in renting house so I don't bother to plant anything.I do visit Orchid Show at WFC down town NYC b4 9/11 every year,love orchid but dunno how to jaga.I kill my orchid which I bought from BJ's,my friend said I water too much,poor orchid:(

Geraldine on 31 October, 2007 08:49 said...

Judy, you shd see me with my worms. I won't touch them. I get the kids to pick them up and when I work with the composter, I use stick to move them around. Sometimes I think they remind me of "Tai Look Meen" hahahaha

Beachlover, Don't buy anymore red hydrangeas until early May. I remember seeing them at Lowes for about $8 then 2 weeks later they were $15.Its the smallest pot that's why its cheap too. I'm waiting for next spring to get red ones.. but then again... I'm running out of spaces to plant them...arghhhh. I've killed 2 orchids and the 2 I have, I've been so lazy to put that blooming thing.. nothing has bloomed. Terrible right. My mom went to Chelsea Flower Show in England. Hopefully one day I can attend it.

martha on 31 October, 2007 11:50 said...

i love hydrangea too.. so this is its name.. i always call it ball ball fah hhehehhee

used to have a few pots at home.. now m staying at apartment with no direct sunlight so i got limited selection of plants for my home... *sad*

Anonymous said...

Hydrangeas are a marvelous plant. Check out Heronswood Nursery they have a wonderful selection of Hydrangeas


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