December 8, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

I woke up at 6am because my Gilly came and jumped on me. We tried waking up Greg and he too didn't give me any trouble. My kids were Angels this morning because we were having Breakfast with Santa at Nordstrom. We were on time as traffic was smooth... oh well there wasn't any traffic this early on a Saturday.. wow.... something I'm not used to when it comes to Chicago traffic.

Gilly and Greg insisted on getting their balloons even before we got to our tables. Greg asked for an airplane and Gilly got her snowflakes. After we got to our tables, the kids decided they wanted their face painted. Gilly had a cute reindeer on her cheek and Greg suddenly changed his mind. And we say girls are fickle???

We had a long table as we had a big party. Our party consisted of 7 adults and 12 kids and we sure had a nice time. The kids enjoyed their breakfast and were good to finish all their food. Halfway through the meal, Santa walked in the cafe and Greg ran to greet him with a big hug.
After our meal, the kids got to take photos with Santa and they each got a Santa mug with candies filled.

*Spoiler for kids*
This is our 2nd time having Breakfast with Santa. This Santa has "visited" Nordstrom annually and I am spoilt by him. I've never seen such a "REAL" Santa as this Santa. He has this Rosey looking face with his natural white hair and beard. Having seen him, I don't get excited when I see other Santas... He has this Magical aura that makes me think he is real.

A man walked by in the shopping area and he told me "There is one Santa downstairs that looks real, you should go down and look for him". I grinned and told him "I know who you are talking about cos we just had Breakfast with him" Oh... well... I've taken some photos of him and the kids and I didn't know which one to chooose as the kids were looking in 10 different directions.. so you guys get to see all of it.... Enjoy... And don't you agree he really looks real with his rosy cheeks??


Beachlover on 09 December, 2007 20:00 said...

wow!! early have breakfast wt Santa!!.At last we can see your face Geraldine!!..why a pretty face hidding for so long ??hehehe!!..Hmmm...I still didn't bring Mishu to take photo wt Santa..your kids are so happy sitting on Santa lap..

Lee on 15 December, 2007 16:44 said...

Hello Jane,
Always glad see a new friend visit my humble place. You found me in the yellow pages? Ha ha.
I like your blog, and you sure have fabulous kids, very pretty. Bet beauty runs in your family, huh.
Wow! And you a gourmet cook too. Love your curry.
Santa arrived early your place, huh? Did he kiss mummy under the mistletoe?
You in the States. Gosh, there's so many of us in US and overseas. Seeing your kids brings to mine a story I published last week. You read my earlier post, " my eyes never dry for you"? About a lady and kid from USA.
Anyway, you guys keep warm and keep well, best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Geraldine! Finally I get to see yr beautiful face! Wahh...must go buy lottery now. hehe!
Your kids are so sweet looking.Yr son not sacred of Santa ah? Mine freaks out when they see the old man with beard! You are right, this Santa really looks 'real'!


Geraldine on 18 December, 2007 20:14 said...

Ya, the breakfast with Santa is pretty early but good for some parents who wants the photo with Santa for their Xmas card. I'm hiding my bola face lah... Has Mishu taken photos with Santa? She will surely look cute.

Uncle Lee,
Found you thru Rita's blog. I'm not a gourmet cook, just love to try stuff to make myself busy and stay out of "trouble". My curry cheat cheat one.. from mytoa. Are you in Toronto? Love that city especially Highway 7!!!! I'm in the suburbs of Chicago.

No lah my son is not scared of anyone. I remember him pulling Tigger's tail at DisneyWorld, recently attacking the wolf at "3 Little Pigs" show. Lucky for Santa he won't attack Santa cos Santa brings presents. Phew!!
Ehhh.. did you buy lottery yet? I must go buy before friday cos its now $163M

Anonymous said...

Eh, if you win the 163 many % can you 'donate' to me ah? :P I give up on lottery liao lah...never win one.Need to find a bomoh here! Hahah!



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