December 8, 2007

Delimas Curry Chicken

This week has been a very busy week for me. Cooking our meals has become a big chore as I've so much to do with driving the kids around and getting ready for Christmas. I'm now in my max speed knitting as much as I can. We have been having alot of spagetti and ABC soup for our dinners. I've been craving for curry chicken and remembered, Raymond See of MyTasteofAsia did send my some free gifts and one of them was the Delimas Curry Chicken Paste.

I quickly got the chicken and started to cook and boy..... it was so easy and quick. I didn't have to cut any garlic or pound any spices. I just needed chicken, potatoes and the paste.. and that was it. It looked delicious and it tasted delicious too. I am glad I did buy more of this paste in my last order. I am planning to give these paste away as X'mas presents to some friends who don't know how to cook curry but loves curry. I now know I'm giving away a nice and delicious present.


Beachlover on 09 December, 2007 20:03 said...

your curry chicken look so red and spicy!!!Love it!! Are you sure you didn't pound the spices yourself??Hmmmm..I think your curry chicken calling me name!!hehehe!!

Geraldine on 09 December, 2007 23:21 said...

I think its the camera flash that made it look red. I just added abit of oil before adding the past. Promise I didn't pound the spices...


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