January 24, 2008

My Expensive Day

Wednesday, January 23rd 2008 turned out to be not only a cold day for me but an expensive one. I went to Costco knowing I should get another cordless phone. Although I love the Panasonic brands, I've given up on my 2nd Panasonic cordless phones. After time, I notice the keypads dont' function too well and somehow I get this "bleep" and I miss a few seconds of my conversation with person on the other side of the phone.

What did I get? A Vtech cordless phone with 3 handsets for $$59.99 as I had a $20 coupon from Costco. To my delight, I discovered that Costco now sells the Daylight Compact Fluorescent bulbs. I bought a 6 bulbs pack for $10 which is very cheap. I went home very happy and contented as now I've completed changed all the bulbs in the house to daylight bulbs.

Being a Wednesday, I dropped Gilly at the local Library for her Brownies and dragged Greg to Bed Bath and Beyond with my big envelope full of coupons. I was planning to buy a set of cookie sheets as I plan to bake cookies for CNY. I found my cookie sheets and while strolling by the small appliances, I saw 2 different brands of breadmaker. Cuisinart breadmaker for $129.99 and Breadman's for $79.99. Breadman's tag mentioned "Last One"... I found an associate and casually asked if they would give extra discount being the last unit and a demo. She told me yes and I further asked if I could use my 20% discount as well. To my delight she said Yes and said to mention her name. I usually dont' buy on an impulse but this was too good to let go. I grabbed that unit, it didn't come with a manual nor a box. I ended up paying $51 for this breadmaker. I've been thinking of getting one and now I finally bought one. Is it impulse buying??? I guess no as I've been pretty patient waiting for a good buy. As I'm typing this, my breadmaker is put to use. I'm trying out Kaya on the Jam mode. If it turns out good... I'll remember to add it to the blog.

When we came home after brownies, about 100 yards from my garage. I heard this "pop" sound and wondered what it was.... shoot... my windshield had a 2 feet crack. Looks like we will be replacing the windshield... OH NO... what a day... I've spent too much today!!!! Oh well at least I hope to enjoy my Kaya...

Till then....


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, it is annoying when that happens.


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