January 28, 2008

My exciting morning

I was busy cleaning my 1st floor windows this morning. For someone who has dust allergies, I hate doing this as I will keep sneezing for hours. My little helper was nice to tear kitchen towels when I needed new ones. While working on my bay window, something brown dashed by our window. For a second, I thought it was a coyote as we do have sightings of them in our subdivision. But after looking at it again, it looked more like a German Shepard breed. Quickly I ran to my front door and called it. It responded which surprise me. Usually strays would run but not this one. I grabbed my dog's treat and threw it out. The dog jumped up and grabbed it. My dog got excited and started barking, we had to gate him as I didn't know if this dog was agressive.

After a few more treats, I made my son hold a treat and stand infront of the glass door. I ran upstairs and Googled our local animal control. We called and made a report and the lady on the phone told us one would be dispatched soon as the officer was just a street away at the local PAWs. It took them about 10 minutes to come and while waiting, I grabbed more dog treats and threw it out to the dog. I gave it some of my dog's food but stopped when I realized the dog treat was cheaper than my dog's food due to the allergies requirements. My stupid dog is allergic to normal dogfood so we have to buy the more expensive one... and funny thing.. I'm allergic to my dog!!!.... ok.. back to the lost dog ...

Dog coming for more treats

Finally the animal control officer came. With her sweet voice, she called the dog and it came cautiously. She gave it some treats and tried to put a leash on it. It walked away from her and came back to my front door. I saw all those as I stupidly ran to my driveway to let the lady know the dog was at my front door. I said stupidly as I didn't put on a coat... which I am paying now as I'm coughing more now.. I am recovering from flu over this weekend...

Dog must have seen the Animal Control Office

I went back inside and stood at my front door... to kinda assure the dog its ok. It came and grabbed another snack from me. This time It allowed the lady to put the leash on. It did show its teeth at her but I guess her soft sweet voice did some magic as It allowed her to pat it's forehead. Next thing she said was "can you sit?" and the dog sat... hahaha I who trained my dog pretty good... never thought of tat command with this lost dog. At least we know the dog was domesticated. Hopefully its owner knows to call Animal control. I did put up a notice at my subdivision's forum and maybe the owner reads it.

Dog finally leashed and It's showing it's teeth.

Back to my window cleaning... what a nice break from a boring task....

p.s. in the midst of all the excitement, the amazing part is I remembered to take some photos!!!! Alleluia!!!


MJ Tam on 28 January, 2008 15:08 said...

Awwww poor doggy!

I guess u guys got the bug we had. We did go to Madison's party this past weekend, but Christian was feverish again after the party. Now Wee and I are as sick as a dog too... Ai-ya-yay!

Geraldine on 28 January, 2008 21:03 said...

Cute dog actually, I love German shepard but you know me and my allergies. You want tha dog? I'll go get it for you.

K will have no trouble sitting doggie-back on this dog.. hahaha

Hope Christian is getting better. Do note I'm not mentioning you..

Anonymous said...

Looks a pretty tamed dog who is quite lost. Obviously knows you are a dog lover to come to your front door.

Geraldine on 31 January, 2008 22:19 said...

Judy, yes it did seem pretty tame. I still didn't dare risk it knowing my boy was behind me all the time. He was fascinated with a lost dog.

Yes, I found out 3 yrs ago that I'm allergic to Dogs, Cats, horses and alot of outdoor stuff. My dog is 9 years old. hahahaha.. That explained why I had stuffy nose all the time. I googled and found a photo of a white canadian wolf.. looks majestic... go pat and see what happens lah. Hopefully you still have fingers to type. I wanted to get a Newfoundland dog next but with my allergies.. no more dogs...

Cough is getting better. Thanks


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