March 11, 2008

Instant Rendang Mix

Last Saturday was our usual weekend errand running day. From Soccer to Costco to ToysRus and finally we got home at 4pm. I still had to cook dinner and didn't know what to cook. Since I had cut up some chicken, I decided to try cooking one of the rendang mix that I had received a few weeks ago from

In less than 20 min, I had my dinner ready for me and hubby. Yes, I couldn't wait to try the food as it smelled so good. I loved it, it had enough zing to it that made my tongue heat up.

Cooking it was easy as the instruction was easy and simple. Only 3 steps to it.
1) Heat up oil and sautee the mix,
2) Add chicken and cook for 15 min
3) Pour coconut milk and stir. Cook for 3 min.

Isnt' that easy? Even for a beginner cook or someone who has never cooked curry, this is easy.



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