March 11, 2008

Gum !!!

Both my kids are now into Gum, even my Greg who always forget to take things out from his pocket. You must know where I'm going now... yes, he forgot to throw away the gum like I always tell him to do. When Daddy did laundry, Daddy did his usual routine to only later find out the dryer is streaked with gum. Yes Gum and who has to clean that dry gum??? MUMMY!!!! Yehaa!!!! The best job in the world is to stick one's head into the dryer and clean up gum.

I started by scrapping it off with just my fingernails. I got bored and called my friend to laugh about the gum (what can I do, cry about it?) So, with my head in the dryer, butt sticking out, I had my conversation with my gf. Thank God I did, cos she gave me an idea on removing of Gum. She told me to try ice. Rubbing ice on gum would work was what she said. I was desperate as I didn't want to break my nails. So up I ran to my kitchen still armed with my partner in crime on the phone. I got my ice and started the "Ice Rub". To my delight it worked!!! So there you go... To remove gum... try rubbing ice on it.

Partial view of my dryer filled gum.



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