April 18, 2008

Food Bloggers and cooks with their secret recipes

This post is dedicated to the chefs/cooks who have taught me and shared with me their passion for cooking. Especially to Lily Ng and Gertrude. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your generosity and unselfishness. With blogging, all our lives have changed. We have found new friends and made our lives more interesting. I don't stand at the kitchen and wonder what I should cook anymore. I know.. I still do but less often now. I get all excited when I see my Google Reader saying there are new post. That would mean, I may have something new to experiment in my kitchen. Blogging about food is your legacy, Lily and Gert, you have passed on your legacy to us food beginners. Not only have you taught us how too cook but also how to be generous like you. Once again, Thank you.

I've this story to tell, my dad's cousin brother had a wife who was a very good cook. Her specialty was Achar, pineapple tarts and kuih bangkit tat was to die for. We always looked forward to her cookies just before CNY and she would also bring a bottle of her acar. My mom would make her famous jagung custard and in return, give her the custards. One day, Aunty A asked my mom for the recipe and my mom willingly taught her how to make it. Then came the day my mom asked her for the acar recipe. Her response was "I'll make for you to eat whenever you want." That meant "No, I don't want to give you the recipe." I guess my mom must have felt slighted abit by this.

I don't remember how long after this, one day out of the blues, she came over with her hubby and there was this bottle of achar. Mum was happy to see the achar as we always look forward to anything delicious from anyone. That happened around Christmas time... and to our shock, a few days later we got a call that she had passed away. It was truly a sad thing as she wasn't all that old. Maybe in her late 40s or early 50s.

She died when her kids were in their early 20s and not having any interest in cooking. Later we found out that her recipes died with her as none of her kids had learnt how to cook her specialties. About 8 years ago, her daughter did tell me that she regreted not learning how to make pineapple tarts from her mom. The ironic thing is if she had taught my mom, without hesitation my mom would have given her daughters' the recipes. I've made it a point to learn my mom's specialties and always tell my friend to learn from their moms. Those recipes are not just ingredients and directions but also a reminder of the people who have pour their love and passion into our stomachs.

Once again, Thank You to all the Food Bloggers who have generous and never expecting anything in return.


A Mature Student on 19 April, 2008 09:35 said...

Same with my aunties. My mum would give them her recipes when asked but when it came to my mum, my aunties or my cousins will say, "Ok,ok, ....but the recipes never came".

ICook4Fun on 19 April, 2008 10:22 said...

Thank you so much for the dedications. I am really touch :) For me I am never stingy in sharing my knowledge as I am too learning from other people. I learned a lot from my mom and grandmother. I did encouter people who are unwilling to share their so called secret recipe. I am glad that you enjoyed some of the recipe I posted. Take care.


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