April 14, 2008

Grandma in Florida?

Last Friday, my son and I had a nice breakfast together which is rare as I usually do a grab and go kinda breakfast on a school day. We both sat down and had a nice half boil egg (3 minute egg) breakfast. He did the usual dunk with his bread and I told him to tear his bread to little pieces and drown them in the egg. I just casually said, "you know, my grandma taught me how to eat it this way". He replied "my grandma in Florida?" I was puzzled and realized that he was refering to his Grandma in Florida. Wait a minute!!! you have no Grandma in Florida. You have Grandma in Malaysia, Grandma in Chinatown Chicago and a Grandma White but not Grandma in Florida. It dawn to me that the last time he saw my mom was in Dec 2005 and it was in Orlando Florida and he now thinks my mom lives in Florida. Poor boy...

I spoke to my mom on Saturday and we were casually talking about our cancelled trip to Malaysia due to rising plane tix. She suggested meeting halfway in London as her youngest sis lives there. I laughed and said "Oh no... Greg is now going to think you live in London." And before I know it he will go to school and tells his teacher that Grandma lives in London and Orlando. His teacher will think his Grandma must be very rich.

Did anyone else have this same situation with their kids? I doubt I'm the only that has experienced this. I'm thinking of getting a globe and teaching him more locations of places. Kids and their way of thinking.. they sure keep us entertained and keeps us on our toes.


Beachlover on 15 April, 2008 21:48 said...

hahaha!! My Mishu have the same problem.She keep talking she going to Great grandma home after she come back to NY.

Geraldine on 22 April, 2008 09:35 said...


How do you respond to her?


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