October 6, 2008

A Wonderful Sunday

WOW!!!! Something new on this blog today!! Is that what you are thinking? Yes, I'm back. We have been pretty busy running around doing a thousand things and yet nothing much to show. I just have to say, yesterday was Sunday and I sinned terribly by not going to church. With a daughter who is going to receive her first communion next May, I know I've sinned terribly. oh wait.. No.. I did worse. I neglected my poor kids yesterday. *grin* Let see.... I had bought some flannel cloth and was planning to sew Greg some PJ pants as he outgrew those from last year and Gilly's were too pink for him to wear. The flannels were on sale $2.99/yard. I found a nice easy pattern and bought some fleece cloth and decided to sew Gilly a poncho. Now... with those in mind, I just didn't think of anything else but sewing those outfits!!! This would only mean, poor family didn't have food for that day. Even at breakfast time, I was already working on the 2nd pants for Greg and the kids had milk and pandan chiffon cake. Opps... hehehe Lunch time came and daddy came over to ask "what's for lunch?" I asked the kids, "what do you want for lunch?" and continued... "who wants daddy's famous instant noodles, please raise your hands?" One, two and three hands came up... daddy sigh and went down to cook lunch. Woohoo.. that was the most delicious instant noodles. It had fishball, cuttlefishball, choy sum and eggs in it. Super Duper Yummy what what Greg claimed!!! Dad didn't look excited.. because he had to do the cooking. Came dinner time.... I just finished the poncho!!! Yes I did finish the poncho but have yet to add the frills. Dad came and asked if we were having Kathryn's spagetti meatball for dinner. I then realize I didn't not take out the tomato sauce to thaw.. and the meatballs need to simmer in the tomato sauce for 30 min.. that meants... no spagetti meatball for dinner... awwww.. what a bummer for Daddy. I told him to run to Dominicks to get a box of creamer... we are having Ikea Swedish meatballs for dinner. Poor Daddy, he had to figure out the meals for Sunday as Mummy wasn't thinking properly. But I sure enjoyed my Sunday. I do like going to church but I did get alot accomplished yesterday. Daddy got the shelves up on the basement (opps that means I've more work down there now) and he got my new laptop networked to the printer. The kids and Daddy helped Greg with his class assignment and I got to sew my 2 PJ pants and a poncho. I know some will say I should just go buy my kids nice outfits instead of wasting my time sewing ... but the kids just love it when I surprise them with their newly sewn clothes.... so... its OK to neglect feeding the kids once in a while.. hehehehe...



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