October 31, 2008

11 lbs of Tomatoes

11 lbs of fresh homegrown tomatoes
Fall is here and I had so much tomatoes from my 2 tomato plants. I was overwhelmed and figured how much guacamole can I make or how much ABC can I drink with all these tomatoes.
I was lucky a friend showed me how to make pasta sauce. I now have enough pasta sauce to make me 6 meals. *grin* btw.. if you notice the tomato seeds in the paste, i didnt' deseed them. I figured there is no harm in eating those seeds so.. less work and that makes pasta sauce making a leisure instead.
We had our first frost and I made hubby go pluck all the green ones. I now have to lay them on newspapers in the basement.. and still have fresh tomatoes in December.
16 1/6 cups of pasta sauce


Kat's Kisses on 06 November, 2008 09:44 said...

Can I have some pasta sauce for tonight's dinner? I'll be over this afternoon =) See you then!

Geraldine on 10 November, 2008 10:18 said...

Lee, I love ketchup. When i used to work, if I had to work overtime, I would just be eating ketchup from the KFC packets to fill my hungry stomach.

Kat: did you take all the sauce from the freezer in the garage??? *grin*


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