January 29, 2009

Do not call your friend when you are shopping!!!!!

I ran to Sam's Club today as I desperately needed a flannel sheet for my mattress. Blabbing with my friend S while I shopped, I noted that I was doing very well with only 1 flannel sheet set, 1 calendar and 1 bittersweet chocolate. I was so proud I did stuck to my shopping list. Then I decided to call friend K to confirm she wanted bittersweet chocolate and not semi-sweet chocolate. While blabbing with her, I stroll pass an aisle to see... bedset!!!! Holy cow... I got all excited as they looked so good. Then K encouraged me to get a set. Hey.. it came with everything, it was a good buy. I was told hehehehe Over the phone, we discussed which design to buy. K decides to jump on her PC to see if she could find it at Sam's site.. and she did... When she saw the plain design.. she said "oh, that is so you" damn it.. that was the more expensive design. I sneaked and unzip both designs to notice that the more expensive one was so soft... Reluctantly I took that bedset and dumped it on my cart. I called S and told her... in future wherever you are shopping, dont' call K cos you will end up with a $159 item in your cart. S asked me "what happened, I thought you were checking out"... I know I know.. K told me that I deserve to get something nice for myself as I've been wanting to make my bedroom nice and comfy. We did talk about painting my bedroom this summer. Plus for what I got, it would cos 2-3 times at Macy's .... Yes, I'm excited with a new bedset (current one is 10 yrs old) but I'm still shocked as I didn't plan to spend that much today!!!!!
Do you know which set I bought, the Green or Brown ???


Geraldine on 04 February, 2009 20:30 said...

Lee, what lah you.. show your wife lah. You can't take all your Millions with you when you go see man upstairs you know.. so might as well enjoy abit while you can.


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