January 21, 2009

My Baby Kangaroo in New York Theatre Ballet’s “Carnival of the Animals”

Gillian, my 8 year old has been dancing ballet since she was 4. We went through 2 ballet schools, her first year it was like a joke as the school was more interested in the moolah than the art itself. When a friend decided to change ballet school, we quickly jumped wagon too. Was it a good decision??? Yes, Gilly was mesmerized by this bubbly energetic lady named Mrs King. She was so enchanted by this teacher that you could see her do half-hearted kicks .. all because she was just paying attention to this "funny" lady. Since that first day of class, Gilly has had Mrs King from Dance Images at Tinley Park for 3 years. Yesterday, she told me that she dreads the day she will get a different teacher

My New Year plans were to kick back and relax after a long end of year celebration. Oh boy.. I was surprise by a phone call from Mrs King. While she said her "hi", quickly I ran through my mind if I had not signed the check or didnt' write the amount on the check correctly. Boy, how wrong I was... hehehe.. She asked if Gillian would be busy on January 24th. Knowing it was a Sunday, we had CCD (which was compulsory as she is receiving her First Communion this year). She asked if Gilly was interest in dancing a recital that Sunday at 4pm. But... but... we don't have the annual recital until end of May, I thought. Then came the big news... New York Theater Ballet needs a tiny girl(who is a quick study) to dance with them in their performance of "Carnival of the Animals" as the guest role of Baby Kangaroo.

I knew that was a good opportunity or more of a good exposure for Gilly. I know I don't expect my child to be a prima ballerina, but I want her to know how its like to dance with the professionals. So I told Mrs King that I would get an answer from Gilly. It was a quick YES from Gilly. Withing hours, we let the teacher know... I think I do have a brave girl for a daughter as she will only learn her routine at 2pm, and will dance at 4pm. I dont' think I would dare to do it myself shhhh... please don't tell her I said that.
Gillian had a phone interview with Chicago Sun Times and she will be baby Kangaroo this coming Sunday. Poor Gilly has had to deal with a paranoid mom who is afraid Gilly will fall sick and then not be able to dance that day... or sprain her ankle... or break her hand.. so Poor Gilly has not been able to go sledding. I know I know ... I'm a bad mommy and I don't like to sound like a stagemom. Hey.. I doubt she would get another opportunity like this, so I'm keeping the risk to the minimum. Hahahaha.. I was so worried I would jinx it as well.. well I can't now cos Gilly should be appearing in Friday's newspaper


junoqua on 21 January, 2009 18:24 said...

Congratulations!! So happy and excited for all of you. Don't forget to show loads of pics and video if possible.
Good on Gilly :)
Hey, don't be like some terrible stage mums ok? :P
Have a great time this Saturday.
Will watch out on what happened.


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