April 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010 (part 2)

This was our view from the room, made us not want to leave the room. I'm glad I don't live nearby or I may just take this view for granted.
Here is our family photo taken at our hotel room. Kids love to sit by the window with their binocular trying to zoom into the falls.
Here's a photo of the kids with their Seh-Han-Ee-Poh (youngest grand aunt from Mom's side of the family). Somehow the kids just love to climb on the "telescope" I don't know what is their fascination about it.
The kids with their Uncle Josh, yes he is an Uncle to them. He is certainly very old. hahahaha
Greg was scared of the glass view at CN Tower in Toronto. He had to hold dad's hand for awhile but after that.... hahaha.... he was having fun.
See the ground view, yes a very very long fall, 342 meters or 1,122 feet fall.
Kids are pretending to be petrified. Yeah, like really petrified.
Greg with his favorite binoculars, he is busy studying what's down below.
This cracks me up because Dad's shirt looks almost the same as the sky.
Whenever we visit Toronto, we would stay at Richmond Hills which is near all the chinese eateries. We had dimsum at one restaurant and then later we went back there for dinner because they had Peking duck there. sorry no photos of the food as we just chowed down the food before I realize I could take any photo.



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