April 27, 2010

The Birds and Bees Talk to my 10 year old girl.

My Gilly is will be 10 years old, my firstborn will be in the double digits in August. How a decade has passed so fast. I was talking to my girlfriend this morning about how Gilly, at 1 1/2 years old, would keep me on my toes with her energy. She would be into anything and everything without fear that every week, we would have a bruise somewhere on her face or hands and I pray DCFS doesn't come knocking on my door.
While on spring break, I got an email from the school. It was about how the 4th graders will be attending the "Human Growth and Develpment Program". My eyes rolled, great, now I've to make sure I talk to her about the Birds and the Bees before the school does. I did buy a book and was pondering, notice the word pondering, when I should show her the book. And now I've a DATELINE. Gosh, why did they have to break it to me when I'm enjoying myself in Canada.
The school gave us a date where parents were welcome to come and have a preview of what the kids will see. Being a first time mom, I made myself go eventhough I was exhausted. It was worth it as the school nurses were there to answer our questions. They basically said it was about the body development, stressing about personal hygiene. They told us they would be as brief and truthful to the kids but would divert our children's questions back to us so we the parents would decide how much information we want to give our kids. We were told the boys and girls will be separated which is good.
I ran to Borders last Saturday to look for a book called "What's happening to my body", which has a boy or a girl version. The lady at borders told me that the American Girl's book is a better reference, I quickly browsed through it and figured why not since Gilly reads American Girl stories. At the same time I grabbed the boy version of the "What's happening to my body" as I figured I might as well buy them now instead of running out for it in 3 years time for Greg.
I gave the book to Gilly and told her to read it by herself. She gave me this weird look and took the book to her room. I told her to read it page to page and not to skip any pages. About 10 minutes later she came in with a "mummy, this is yucky" statement. She showed me what she meant, it was a cartoon showing the changes in the breast. I told her its not yucky and just a way of life. She can't all of a sudden have boobs popping out but slowly grow outwards. Now, was I peeing in my pants? No, but it was uncomfortable but I had to bite my tongue and the stop the urge to run, and made it as casual as I could. Later she came asking where was the uterus. Next day she came to ask if using tampons was uneasy.
My friends, this week has been a very interesting week, as I'm really on unchartered terrority. So help me God that I survive through the part where she asks me about LOVE MAKING!!!! I do have the book called "Where Did I Come From" all ready for that.


CoffeeShopBloggers on 28 April, 2010 20:53 said...

I have some other books on Sex Ed that moms have recommended to me. See The Birds and Bees Talk at http://www.pragmaticmom.com/?page_id=2288

I liked Usborne Understanding the Facts of Life

It's So Amazing
Growing Up, It's a Girl Thing
and for boys

What's Going On Down There
My Body My Self

I blogged on my sex ed talk with my 10-year-old.

Pragmatic Mom
Type A Parenting for the Modern World

I blog on parenting, children's literature and education at http://pragmaticmom.com

junoqua on 11 May, 2010 11:04 said...

Wise decision dear to prepare yourself. I think if a kid were to ask me these questions, I would first have to check on my brain then vocabulary to make it sound simple and not complicated.
Good luck with the second book! ;)


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