October 10, 2012


Wow!!  New Interface on blogger, and I only discovered it now.  Yes,  I've been slow in this area.  I have to say this but it was just easier to post photos on facebook and commenting than to blog.  A week ago,  looking at my blog, it tickled me pink to see a series of photos of Greg crying and reading what had happened.  It brought back old memories and reminded me why I had started blogging.  So here I am trying to get into my blog to find there is a new interface.  

I've just been busy with the kids.  Gilly is now 12 and I'm getting my warning signs of how life will be when she is a teenager,  I will be running to Sally Beauty Supply more frequently to get my hair color!  She is turning out to be a gorgeous girl,  I know I'm being biase but heck,  have to be proud of what I carried in my for 9 months.  Her love for ballet has deeped and she is a graceful dancer.  Promise to blog about her dance in a couple of months.  

Greg is still momma's boy that is witty, naughty, sweet and boyish all combine.  He keeps me on my toes as he loves to irritate his sister and knows what buttons to press to get her in trouble with me.  He still loves building with his toys but now his room is always a mess.  He was always the one that had the clean room as he would clean his room.  Roles have reversed!  He still dances tap and likes the limelight on stage.  He does have the stage personality and we get the kick just watching him perform.  

I on the other hand have been playing with tools.  Yes, tools.., table saw, miter saw... etc  

I even got hubby hooked.  We have built accent table and a bed for Gilly.  Best part,  we learn as a couple to work on a project with not so much fights.  Yes, we are still married !!! hahaha...  

Just a quick summary of what is going on with the kwannies... I promise to blog more and do come back for more.... 



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