October 25, 2012

Quarkie Earphones Review

I've had my iphone for 3 years and you would think that with my love for music, I would have uploaded tonnes of musics to my device.  Nah!!!! Growing up with the luxury of high end stereos,  not many headphones can compare to what I was used to.  

Now I've added another tasks, adding songs to my iphone.  All because of this impressive earphones. Esthetic-wise,  it looked totally different from other earphones that I've seen.  It looks bulky and clumsy at first glance.  I have the gemstone which looks beautiful but some says it looks gothic.  Quarkie website has 6 different designs.  After wearing these earphones for couple of months,  I know that this is a topic starter even with strangers. 

Now comes the fit of these earphones.  I've tried jogging and cycling with it and it has not once fallen off my ears. Gilly, my ballerina even dances with it. It comes with 4 different sizes ear tips for a perfect fit on your ears.  Want to shut out all the sceams and fights of your kids?  hahaha.. perfect device as its noise isolation.  I've even sat in my kids dance classes and with 2 stereos blasting different songs,  it can drive one NUTS..., and now I just plug those wonderful earphones and ah..... Louis Armstrong's voice gives me peace!!!  

One important warning !!!!  While driving, DO NOT HAVE BOTH EARPHONES PLUGGED IN.  HARZARDOUS !!!!  (This is how efficient its noise isolation feature is)  

Now comes the mindblowing part...  I wondered how earphones is compared to other earphones...  2 seconds after wearing it,  I was so impressed.  How did this maker manage to squeeze the rich and fine sound quality into this tiny device.  Friends asks me how good was this device as they heard me talk about it. Only thing I could say, you need to hear it to know what I'm talking about.  

Like its website says,  "high sensitivity, low distortion and amazing bass performance".  I totally agree. Gilly was so impressed with her new earphones when she could hear sound of horses.  She came running and told "mummy, I've listen to this song for so long and I never heard horses at the background until this earphones."

You can also receive telephone calls with this.  While you are listening to your songs, it will automatically pause and let you receive your calls and continue when you end your phone conversation. 

If you are scratching your head trying to figure what to buy your loved ones for Christmas... This may be the perfect gift.  

Disclaimer:  I received this earphones at no cost.  But would not recommend a product if its not upto my standards. 


Quarkie on 26 April, 2013 15:38 said...

Thank you for your kind words about Quarkie. Our new company, Quarkie USA (QuarkieUSA.com) is in business and selling these in the United States now. Please check us out!!!
Thank you!
Head Quarkie


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