December 19, 2012

Gillian the Snow Tree Angel

Christmas is less than a week away.  I finally bought my kids a few miserable gifts.  I'm usually a scrooge when it comes to Christmas presents as I am a parent that buys things for kids whenever they need it through the year.  I know some will keep it for Christmas.  However this year,  I've not had time to be a Scrooge.  I've just been busy driving my Gillian to downtown Chicago every weekend and now we have been driving her downtown every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  This week will be worse as it will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.  Lots of mileage on my old Town and Country.  She only gets Christmas day off.... 

Off from what???  She is the Snow Tree Angel for the Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker's Children Cast.  She is enjoying her stint with Joffrey.  Watching the company dancers dance have further motivated her to dance more.  If you are wondering if she is paid,  NO and you wonder why we are doing it.  Because she loves to dance and to dance with Joffrey's Nutcracker is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  She hopes to go back next year.  Shoot myself for letting her do it, with missing a few days of school but I figured if I can use this to motivate her to do well in school, why not.  

Yes, I'm proud of my not-so-little girl, see how she has florished over this year. 

Keep a lookout for her if you happen to watch it in Chicago.  6 more shows to go...... 6 more french braids to go for me.  Yes, I was forced to learn from Youtube on how to do a french braid but I"m getting better.  From 45 minutes to 20 minutes... yahoo!!!!



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