April 16, 2014

14 and growing

Gillian is now in her final months of 8th grade.  She will be off to high school in a 4 months.  I usually don't brag about her but she has surprised me quite a bit this few weeks.

She got into all honors last year and has managed to get mostly As except for Spanish.  The least of my worries.  Workload this year was brutal.  Tonne of homework and projects, with Nutcracker, she proved she could do both dance and school work.  We would rush downtown for her rehearsals at 5pm, come home about 10pm, in between, she would squeeze time to finish her homework.  She would even stay up till midnight to get her work done.  She proved she was dedicated and hardworking. She knows how to ask for extensions when she needed and oh gosh, even facetime her math teacher for help.

The music department had a trip go watch the high school musical.  She didn't want to go, I didn't ask why.  At hot lunch, where I volunteered, moms' were surprised when I told them Gilly didn't go. Most of them said their kids would find any excuse to get out of class.  I mulled over their reaction, worried that something was wrong with my child or something happened to my child.  I finally asked her why because everyone liked the musical.  She then told me if she went for the show, she would miss on science and math and no matter what, she still had to complete the homework and how could she do it if she missed the class.  I was shocked.  I didn't expect this from her.  It made sense and another "Mommy Ah Ha" momemt.

Last week,  I totally forgot that there was a mandatory parent meeting for High school Poms.  That meant she would not get a chance to try out for Poms.  I felt bad, but I didn't realize until a few days ago that she knew about the meeting and she didn't tell me. She decided on her own that she wants to concentrate on her studies for freshman year.  She knew with almost all honor classes next year, her hands will be full as she still has her dance. I was surprise by her maturity and sensibility.  Didn't expect that from her. Worse part, her friends got into JV and they told her if she had tried out, she most probably would have gotten into Varsity because of her advance dance skills.

And last week, there was abit of drama in school for her.  She got called in to see a social worker.  It was some things that some boys did to the point they were suspended from school for almost a week. Someone asked if she snitched on them, she said "no".  I realize that her survival instinct is there. She knows right from wrong and when to say or not to say somethings. I asked her how she felt, she said she didn't want the boys in trouble but she didn't want to lie and what they did was disrespectful to girls.

All in all, she just blew me away.  I didn't expect this from her.  I guess she is growing and I'm getting old.  I think I'll take her to go buy some hair accessories just to give her a nice treat.

Have a great day folks.  Hormonal daughters can still surprise us mummies.



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