September 15, 2015

Secrets of Crafting and Cooking from a Stay At Home Mom

I am a stay at home mom.  I cook, clean, drive and do lots of other things that some days I ask myself "what the heck did I do today because I can't account for it."

I do all this because I choose to put my hubby and kids first. I gave up an IT career for it and some days look back and realize, that boat has floated off.  What I knew then is Dinosaur now.

I am crafty, super crafty if I must say.  Is it survival?  Maybe.  When you are relying on 1 income just from hubby slogging,  we have no choice but to be resourceful. Over the past 15 years, I've learnt to cook, clean, build furniture, plumbing, and even electrical.  I've learnt to take photos, knit, sew, and now I've ventured into the world of vinyl.

I spent hours reseaching on things as I can't afford to pay someone to teach me nor can afford to hire contractors.  Youtube and GOOGLE has been my best friend.

So what is my pet peeve.... friends that will just come ask me for my delicious recipes or supplies to my craft world.  Am I selfish?  It depends on how one sees it.

I don't see it as selfish.  Hey, you are working and making an income, getting a monthly paycheck, maybe a bonus at the end of the year and promotions.  I on the other hand don't,  the times you are at work,  I'm scrubbing toilets and trying out recipes.  Some recipes,  I will make it 3 times in a week just because I want to improve it to my liking.  By the time you are putting that delicious food into your mouth.  I would have spend hours online looking for something I may like, hours cooking and recooking and recooking again... to perfect the recipe to my liking.  Its TIME that I had to spent.  Time that is also precious to me, just because I dont' work, doesn't mean I have all the time in the world that you can just think its ok to ask for recipe and that I"m horrible for not giving it to you.

I make beautiful gifts by decorating them with vinyl.  Some I give away and some people will pay.  What I make, doesn't even pay for my daughter's pointe shoes. Those designs don't just pop out of my head.  I look around for ideas and create something to my taste or to the taste or personality of the gift receiver.  I bought machines, tried it and wasted monies on it until I realize which machine is good for me.  Softwares and learning how to use it, I spend hundreds of hours learning it. All you need to do is YOUTUBE and GOOGLE.  You can learn the same hard way as me.  My supplies, what the heck would you want to ask me.  You know how many times I got burnt by suppliers with bad product and bad service.  And you just want my suppliers' names.  COME ON.... you don't even call me out for lunch or dinner or even movies but you dare to message me for information.  I may be nice but I'm not that gullible.  If you think what I do is nothing, and I can just give you all my goodies,  you will have to learn that what I've been doing is not that easy.

The stay at home mom's times are also precious and PRICELESS.  Please have some respect for it.  Like how I respect how you have to work, come home and still have to run your household.  That is why I never impose anything on you.  All I may ask is a phone call to chat or hang out once in awhile.  But I know everyone is super busy and therefore I totally get it.  I have also learnt that busy can be one damn convenient excuse.

Therefore what is the secret? In today's world,  all one has to do is google and youtube.  Asking a friend may work if she is generous but make sure you just don't call when you need something.  Then all you are is just a USER !!!



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