November 2, 2007

Boo!!! Halloween Day

Halloween came and went so fast. We had a very nice day and were lucky to have a dry cool weather. Here are a few photos of the kids with their costumes. Gilly was a witch that didn't want to wear her hat and Greg wanted to be Fireman Sam but I refuse to pay £30 to get an outfit from UK to wear for 1 day. Gilly did want a broom (those glittery ones) and I told her that she will be busy running around with her pumpkin bag that she won't have any hands left to carry her broom. Her dad did suggest she "borrow" mum's broom in the garage. She reluctantly agreed "No Broom" and later during her "collection" I quickly pointed out to her a mom that was carrying a broomstick for her child and said "That is why I didnt' want to get your a broom." She grin and ran to collect more candies. Gilly is now 7 and that means I don't use the camcorder too much these days. I laugh when I see parents with camcorder as that usually indicates those are "new" parents.

Greg winking as the party is about to start.

Greg waking out of his classroom with his treat bag !!

Gilly at her school Halloween Parade.
Parents are invited to come watch this parade.

The Kids ready to go "Trick or Treat" with baby Kylie our neighbor.

Now to the next house for more!!

These are the kids' pot of gold and every parents' nightmare.

We always get alot of candies as our neighborhood enjoys Halloween. Trick or Treat starts from 3.30pm till 7.00 pm. We started at 4pm this year and the kids only ask to go home after 2 hours. We came hom at 6.30 and by then... not many trick or treaters came by.. and that left us with a bucket of candies that wasn't distributed. Don't worry, Gilly's school has requested for candies (no chocolates) to be sent to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I'll be sending them away again after we have sorted out the chocolates. I've been doing this for the past few years. Why waste all these candies which will help our soldiers. I guess that is why I don't mind walking around collecting candies as it goes to good use. Ask your village if they do have this service where they send candies or donations to the soldiers. That will help ease any parents' nightmare of sugar overload.

This is all from our Halloween this year.


Cat Cat on 02 November, 2007 22:05 said...

Wah, I thought my girls got alot of candies from treat-or-treating, yours lagi banyak... ;)

Beachlover on 04 November, 2007 17:28 said...

Both of your kids look so cute dressing!! that alot of candies..good choice to give away..


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