February 3, 2008

Tinley Park Shooting - Why are people so dumb??

Yesterday, while driving out of our local library, my cellphone rang and it was my hubby. He asked where I was and when I told him I was just leaving the parking lot. He told me not to return home. Next came the shocking news which took me 10 minutes to digest. "Don't come home, there is a gunman driving around. Cops are all over the place and I can hear the helicopter. They don't know where is the gunman so just don't come anywhere near this area". My neighbor had called our house to warn us.

Wow... here in my car, I have 2 guests from NYC visiting. Boy they must think this place is worse than NYC... that was what I thought.... I kept driving while I was still digesting my hubby's call. I lived in a quiet neighborhood, how can this happen? I finally told my friends and my 2 little ones as they were in the car. I called a friend who lived nearby, to warn her about the incident.

Even at Costco, I overheard someone's phone conversation. Obviously that person too was warned not to return home. Its a sick feeling when you know you can't even go home to your own house. I was looking for cop car to ask if it was ok to even go back and that was 4 hours after the first 911 call.

Yes... I live in Tinley Park and the strip mall is named after my subdivision. Its just a few blocks away and this mall is only 2 years old. We were so excited when we first heard this patch of cornfield will turn into a mall... with Target coming in.... now.. its going to remind us that 5 people lost their lives in this insane/stupid attempted robbery. How can someone be so stupid to kill innocent people while wanting to rob a place???? Can't they just rob the place and walk away without shooting anyone??? Those were just ladies who most probably won't be able to overpower a big man!!!! I do hope they catch that heartless person and my heart, thoughts and prayers is with those innocent victims' family.

We finally went home at 3 pm and we got this city wide call from the Village. They were informing us about the incident. The ironic this was it was already in the news and on the internet. Too late Tinley Park Village, that call should have come right after the shooting incident not 4 hours later. That would have been more effective..... and why did they call us again at 3:56 A.M ???? Oh well... at least I know their phone announcement system works!!!!!


martha on 04 February, 2008 07:35 said...

glad u were out with the kids and not at home.. when i saw the news i din think much of it - there were a lot of shooting in US of A of late... when u mentioned it on YM this morning... i got a kick.. should pay more attention to the news...friends could have been hurt. Thank you Lord that all is well with the Kwans [-o<

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that didn't hit the world news though but on the world news last night was again shooting in a university where the student shot a few people including a lecturer before he took his own life.

What is the world coming to? Students are over-stressed with pressure to perform? Society is such that the poor are getting poorer and rich getting richer?


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