February 25, 2008

Mummy, you need to eat that!

One afternoon, while I was busy knitting a scarf and barely noticing what was on TV, Greg suddenly said "Mummy, you need to buy that." I looked up to see what he was telling me. It was a tv commercial, and it was showing a lady in a bikini showing off her well toned body. I realize it was the Xenical commercial and I smiled as I knew what was my son trying to tell me. What he meant was "Mummy, you are too fat and you need to eat this to lose all that weight."

I pretended not to understand and asked "Why do I have to buy that."

He sheepishly came and hugged my hands gently telling me "you loo wey." He had speech problems back then and what he meant to say was "you loose weight".

I acted puzzled and ask "why loo wey?" He quietly replied "you pat, momma." Until that day, I didnt' realize my son knew what was fat and thin. It was just so funny to see how he was trying to be diplomatic and not hurt mummy. Even at this age he knew to come cuddle up to me before giving me the "blow".

I've to admit this is the first time someone came and told me I'm fat and I didn't feel hurt or insulted. Wait till he is 15 and tells me that.. then he'll see what will happen.

Back to eating my keropok.


Anonymous said...

Haha!You're funny la!


Beachlover on 09 March, 2008 23:47 said...

you son is really attentive!!.that funny too..hahaha!I wonder when Mishu will start telling me that I'm Fat !!

Anonymous said...

:) How sweet.

I can tell you that should your son ever say the same thing to you when he is 15, you will still not be mad. You will smile secretly behind his back.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Your son is such a sweetheart! So tactful too for a young kid! My daughter..totally uncensored one.She asked me straight out, "Mummy, why is your tummy so BIG?!" Teruk lah. I need to join Jenny Craig & lose weight like that Valerie Bertinelli.Or join the show "Biggest Loser"? ;p


Geraldine on 29 March, 2008 10:08 said...

Foxy-Roxy: more like the whole situation is funny... and I have to laugh along with it...

Lee: are you sure son about the son loving thing? wait when he has his wife then I call you and tell you..

beachlover: don't you love the moment when they say something where you have to hide your laughter and act serious?

Judy: I hope I will!!

Elsa: we both are like Permanent members at Jenny Craig... Only thing tat we lose is our $$$$$


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