November 10, 2008

BusyBodyBook Organizer

I hate to admit that I am one that always tries to remember everything in my head but these days after having babies, I tend to forget. Now that Greg has started school and I'm signing him up for activities. I worry that I may forget something. I do give piano lessons to a few kids and sometimes scheduling them too can ben a nightmare especially those kids that are into all activities. I always thought that I never needed an organizer and just with Gilly's activities, I was fine.... I won an organizer from a competition at a few months ago. If in Malaysia, my friends would laugh at its cute name.. Busy Body Book is its name and being Malaysians, it would mean meddling nosy person... I think its a british jargon.. However, I LOVE this organizer as its very simple and easy to use. It has a page for emergency information, a 3-year calendar with the holidays listed. I was fortunate to win the Academic Year organizer which was even better as it was suitable for my lifestyle needs. At the back portion of this organizer, it had a section for the following year appointments, a sections for notes, and get this.... a perforated 4 sectionals for To Do, the final sheet has a section for restaurants and take out information and "important people" information. Now.. if you think I'm done.. the part I like best about this organizer is that its works in a "grid" format. Each page, list the days of a week... hence Monday, Tuesday, till Sunday. And it have 5 columns... which can accomodate up to 5 family members or if you are a student, you could use those columns for your school subjects. I find this just nice for my kids' schedule and my piano student's sessions when there is make-up classes. That way, I know I won't get any double booking on anyone. It comes with a bookmark that can be attached to the spiral of the book. I use it to remind me which week it is. The design on the cover is very retro and to my taste plus it has a plastic cover for protection.
For someone that used to give away any planner or organizer that was given to her.. this is one that I kept... and I'm glad I kept this one. Its just simple and easy to use. I dont' need those that has a section for menu planner nor recipe planner .. cos I'm one that cooks according to her mood... I'm trying to be more organized not perfect... so... try out BusyBodyBooks if you want something easy.



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