November 15, 2008

2 ladies picking Okra at the store

Instruction for selecting okra:
1) Grab bag
2) Pick up an okra
3) Hold the bottom end of okra
4) Quickly snap tip of okra
5a) if snap, put in bag or
5b) if it just bend, throw it back
6) Very importantly... do not look left or right or above you.
Okra is one of my favorite vegetable and I love eating it with sambal or curry. I was at the grocery store with my caucasian girlfriend last Monday. We decided to shop at night without the kids and it was fun. At the store, I saw some okra and decided it would be good with some green curry and decided to get a few. I was snapping the tip to see if they were young okras. My girlfriend was standing next to me and I told her to help me out. I told her "snap the tip and if breaks off, its good. the ones that bend are not good." I notice she was uncomfortable with my suggestion and was cautiously snapping a few and everytime she did that, she would look around to see if the POLICE was watching her. Till now I'm cracking up recalling how she looks when she was snapping the okras. Just like a little girl putting her hands into the forbidden cookie jar...
We had a good laugh when I told her, "hey this is sold here for asians so they know how the asians would choose it.. so don't worry." Then we both looked up at the cameras... Security must be having a good laugh at my guilty friend. I'm just a normal snapping okra asian lady and she the guilty snapping okra white lady. Does it mean we are better off with our kids around as we would behave better???


Beachlover on 17 November, 2008 00:36 said...

wow!!you go so far with the snapping.I just grab a bag ,kasi taruh,then pay.Do need to snap snap!!LOL! I can imagine your GF face now!

Kat's Kisses on 17 November, 2008 09:54 said...

as always, life is never dull with you Jane!!! But as a true friend I will still pick okra with you-no limp ones I promise...okra that is! So, in the meantime I'll wait with baited breathe to try to figure out what we'll pick up on our next adventure!
Love, The other half of the picking party =)

junoqua on 19 November, 2008 16:50 said...

hehehe......i just get mum or the maid to pick for me cos i'm too embarassed when caught by seller!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hee! You're hilarious!


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