November 24, 2008

My Wii Fit Night Out !!!!!!

Last week was a busy night and can you believe that I drove to downtown 2 nights in a row!!!! First was to watch the Broadway show Wicked and it was worth the drive. The 2nd night to driving to downtown was even better. It was the highlight of the week. *grin* I've been to a few parties and I wondered what would make a Wii Fit Party any different. Boy, it was beyond my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend I've not seen for a long time. They had set up 3 TVs to 3 Wii Fit system, and by the time we reached the party, the gals were playing on the aerobic games. You could hear all the laughing and cheering. I was abit shy at first so I sat down and chatted. Finally I was forced to step on the board when my gf Wendy finished her round. Thank God nobody laughed at my BMI and then I choose the hula hoop!!! We had a good laugh at my butt twisting activities. I've to say working on the wii fit with your girlfriends is very fun and hilarious. I believe we will burn more calories from laughing too much. Seriously, Nintendo should come up with a wii fit where we can drag just our board to our gf's house and a few of the boards to be hooked up to just 1 console. Kinda like how we have 1 aerobic instructor to 20 clients... but in this case a few wii boards to one console so gals can meet up and exercise together. We had some good drinks and delicious food and continued with our wii fit games. Nintendo Wii staff were very helpful and I now know to use my hip and knee to maneuver to catch the flying hula hoop instead of using my head ...hehehehe... I know I'm dumb... Before we knew it, the ladies told us that we had to stop for awhile. So we sat down and continued to chat and before we realized it, they came out with a wii system for both the hostesses. We were all excited for them and man.. wished we got one too... hahaha too bad.... that's what we thought, before we knew it... the ladies now came out with Wii Fit boxes and announced... "Everybody gets a Wii Fit" and we ladies screamed like HELL.... it was like an Oprah moment. Not only did we get a Wii Fit but also the Yoga Mat and a Yoga bag and a cute workout outfit. I was hugging my Wii Fit so tight... Never have I won anything like this before!!!! So Thank you to MJ and Jen (both co-editor of for inviting us to the party.. and Thanks to Nintendo for the Wii Fit. What a perfect night for me!!!

BTW, stop by at ChicagoMomViews. You may just win a Free Wii system and Wii Fit worth about $370. Enter the contest and you might be even luckier than me!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Wii for everyone! Sounds like a blast.

junoqua on 30 November, 2008 09:32 said...

Hey, good for you!
I played the Wii at Peng's and the Rabbits' game was enough to keep me sweating after the first few whacks!
I bet the fit must be good as well.
Wii is a fun party tool. Gets everyone rolling and pumping with laughter.
But i wont get one for myself...will end up neglecting everything else as I'll be playing all day!!!!:P
Enjoy yours though. :)


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