March 18, 2009

Car Seats is just like Milk, they have expiration dates.

I was talking to my friend, Kat and I was telling her how I can't wait to hand over Greg's old infant carseat to my niece. She ask how old was it and I said "It was Greg's. So maybe 5 years old?"
Her comment that surprised me was "there is expiration dates on car seat". I was like "HUH, what do you mean there is expiration date?" I know I sounded dumb especially when I've had my oldest who is 8 using carseats 8 years ago. I dragged the carseat out of its box, tried to get it off the base (I even forgot how to get it off the base). I looked all the labels and didn't find it. Finally I notice prints that were molded into the plastic of the seat. Damn it.. there is an expiration date. December 2009. Hmm.. I didn't know carseats are like MILK.. it will turn bad.
Oh well I googled and it talked about why there is expiration dates... blah blah blah of change in technology, warp of the plastic, fray of the belts (yeah right. like the 3 mth old would fray the belts). So, I shall email my niece and tell her about the expiration date and if she doesn't want it. I will just add more plastic to the landfill.
So for those of you who love buying carseats from ebay or garage sale. Do remember to check out the expiration date of carseats.



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