March 3, 2009

My take on Reality Shows.

When I first came to USA, I found this show called Real World on MTV and I got caught with the Reality show. I know, I know, I'm a nosey parker who likes to see how people live. Then came Survivor.. then the Bachelor... these days, I watch "The Hill" and "The City". Wipe that frown off your face!! I'm 40 but I kinda like seeing how these 20 year old chicks get to live this fabulous ultra chic lifestyle. Cos I never got to do that.. amazing how they can afford to drive Benz at this age. They add some color to this dull life of a SAHM. hahaha Last year when I found out the truth about that $$$$ loving mom from Jon & Kate Plus 8. I was shocked and vowed I would not watch anymore of their show. So, TLC... I have stayed true to myself and refused to even watch the episode where she moves into that million dollar house. It says something when a lady has no contact with her parents and siblings!!!! Curious of how her new hse looks? Yes, but I'm not giving that family any ratings. Now comes this disgusting show called The Bachelor of ABC. I used to like watching it the first few series. I was glad to see Trista marrying Ryan but that show seem to not produce too many successful relationships. It encouraged a guy to pursue more girls that he should at ONE TIME. I saw somewhere in Facebook about "Bachelor Update - Don't read unless you want to know". I decided to see what its all about... it basically was a "spoiler" about the ending of this show. I was shocked by what it revealed... then I decided to watch the Finale last night. HOLY COW... If the person that wrote the "prediction".. could have predicted the Mega Millions.. I would have been jumping over the moon.. but you know what... what I read on Facebook... It played out like how it said it would. I did some googling.. and came to this site called he certain has some pretty interesting read. So.. I told myself.. I'm NOT going to watch The Bachelor series anymore. Like how I don't watch Jon & Kate... I won't watch The Bachelor anymore... I don't think Americans are that dumb to be fooled by these networks... We have eyes and know how to add 1 + 1.. you can fool us with your editings and manuveurs for a few times.. but that is all.. I'm DONE... so slimeball bachelor... I hope you will have a wonderful marriage if you do marry her. Molly, why would you want a guy who can be easily manipulated like that.. it shows how heartless he is.. and if he can do that to Melissa, he could easily do it to you. Are you that desperate? Just remember karma's a bitch.. Jason, you have shown America what is Crocodile Tears!!!! all this is my opion... and I'm allowed to have one...



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